Back in the Land of the Living

I’m not sure if you have had it…

I’m sure you have hear about it….

I don’t recommend you obtain it….

I had it….


I am sure by now you have figured out I am referring to the dreaded FLU!

Monday – I worked but felt……tired (nothing odd as it was our first day back after 2 weeks off).

Tuesday – I was woken up with an urgency to RUN to the bathroom. Regardless, I dressed for work. By noon, I wanted to kill my co-workers (was actually plotting their demise) and was struggling to hold my head up. I decided I needed to go home. Oh and there was the path I was wearing in the tile between my desk and bathroom. There were many other symptoms but I am really saving you the gah-rose details.

I fell asleep at 12:30 Tuesday and woke up Wednesday about 3:00 pm. Now there were a few trips to the bathroom but I’m not certain I was awake for them. The family said I was moaning in pain and took some medication but again, I’m not certain I was coherent. I really think I only woke up to cough, sneeze, hurt….basically die!

I don’t think the pain and fever stopped until Friday evening. Did I say IT SUCKED!!!!

During the course of all this my new serger arrived. I could have cared less. Dedicated post coming soon!!


This past weekend we decided we needed a cat. So, we ventured out to the Animal Shelter and decided on a beautiful all black cat. She is 4 months old and remains nameless to this day. We simply can’t agree on a name. Let me clarify. There isn’t a large group – just me and the hubster….That’s right, 2 people can’t agree on a name!!! PATHETIC!!!! Here she is…

2015-01-11 20.03.41

Shortly after getting her home I remembered why I never had indoor cats before…..I’m allergic. Yep, sneezing, stuffiness, swollen eyes. Oh yeah! So, I have been on Benedryl all week! BUT I have read that eventually you build a resistance to the cat in your house.

Has anyone experienced this?

So there you have the last 7 days here in The Gap….a schlew (a hillbilly word) of snotty symptoms. It ain’t pretty folks but I didn’t want y’all to forget about me so I had to let you know what I was up to!

There was a little sewing but I’ll save that for another day, can’t share all the good stuff at one time.



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January Project

The rules of the Lovely Year of Finishes are to only  pick ONE PROJECT to finish in the designated month. While I want to simply pick the quickest to finish, I am not going to do that. Instead, I am going to pick a different one and push myself a bit.

One of the four Hero Quilts simply needs to finished quilted and then bound (no time at all) but any one of the other 3 requires an expansion in size (more on that later) and then layering, quilting, and binding.

I am going to choose one of those from my 2015 First Quarter Projects. Because the recipient of the four of these quilts (well, the mom of the four boys receiving these quilts) reads my blog – occasionally anyway – I can’t post a pic of the full quilt. For that reason, this is all I can share:


That note is from when I set about layering all four of the quilts to discover my math had been off and 3 of the 4 were the wrong size and I needed to be creative about making them bigger…..Oh yeah, that happened!!

Linking up to …


Better get started….


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2015 First Quarter Projects

Yesterday I posted all my current UFOs. Today I will make the decision on what I plan on completing this quarter. UGH…I hate making these decisions. HATE, HATE, HATE it!! However, it must be done. I know I need to get these Hero Quilts done…all four of them (they should be done by end of […]

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2015 UFO List

Its that time of year again…you know that time when things seem to be new and fresh and all things seem to be possible. Well, it is this time of year when I look at my list of UFOs. I pray 2015 is a very different year for me. Last year was very unsettling and […]

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Finish-A-Long & IG – A Simple Tutorial

This could be yours!

One cannot deny the major role Instagram plays in the blogging world today. It can have great impacts on the business world, it can impact your personal world both positively and negatively, and I think us quilters have seen it slowly take the place of Flickr (at least that is my observation). Well, it’s time […]

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Almost a year ago, I signed up for the Modern Insta Bee 2014. It is an Instagram Bee using the book, Modern Bee: 13 quilts to make with friends by Lindsay Conner. I believe we started in February, who can remember that far back? Regardless, I thought it would be fun to show you the […]

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Ready for **BIG** FAL News??


How long you been following the Finish-A-Long? Since its inception in 2012 here at Quilter in The Gap… or since it was with Leanne at She Can Quilt Or with Katy at The Littlest Thistle Regardless of how long you have been following the Finish A Long you are aware that every year the hostess […]

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On her way to school

One of my fellow quilt bloggers (hello, PennyDog) made comment on my last post about how big Callee was getting. I then realized y’all haven’t seen much of her recently. What a shame! So, in an attempt to fix this very unfortunate situation (hehehehe) here you are….   And And my all time favorite…..   […]

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2014-10-10 13.02.23-1

…is always in  my way.  So for the last 3 months I had to choose and blogging lost. Which is really too bad because…. ….can really bite the pickle sometimes. The above picture is the best image I have ever seen to depict Alzheimers Disease. I have shared here and on my Podcast my grandmother’s […]

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Technical Assistance Needed


I am seriously hoping one of my readers (or even someone they know) is will feel like this after they fix my problem. Ok…here’s my problem….. I have finally updated my list of blogs as I said needed to be done here. N.E.Way….I am not able to leave comments on blogger….nowheres (that is some serious […]

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