Super Hero/Americana Quilts x4

Yes, You read that right……4 of them…

If you have been a follower for any amount of time or if you were a listener of the podcast (which I have placed on sabbatical) then you are aware of my husband and I’s intermingled family…..a yours, mine and ours sort of situation. Well, somewhere right in the middle of all that is a young lady we took into our home many years ago and love very much. We refer to her as our adopted daughter – aka Perk- even though there were no official papers drawn up (she was a bit old for that). She is now grown with four boys and when we count grands we count her boys in with all the rest and there is a slew of them – 16 at last count including the newest great grand – I told you, a slew! Here is Perk & her family….

Last May

Last May – look at Bug sticking his tongue out – Rotten boy!!!

Well Perk – yes, there is a story behind that nickname but not one we share with the world – has requested 4 identical but different quilts for her boys room. She wants them to be Spiderman colors but no Spiderman on them. I suggested red, white, and blue because that allowed her to change the boys rooms into Americana theme, Superman, or various other SuperHeros without changing the quilts. I mean I love those boys but figure the odds of me doing this again soon…

Her and I talked and decided on D9P (truth be told, I offered suggestions, she decided)…

THE Block

THE Block

Here are some stats:

5×7 layout = 35 blocks each which requires x 4 = 140 blocks @ 11 1/2″:

The makings of 4 quilts or 140 blocks

The makings of 4 quilts or 140 blocks

Each 11 1/2″ block contains a 9-patch cut 4-ways which contained 9-4 1/2″ squares for a total of 1296-4 1/2″ squares:

Pre-Sashing, Post-9Patch

Pre-Sashing, Post-9-Patch

Each of those needed sashing cut at 1 1/2″:

The Lowly Block with Sashing

The Lowly Block with Sashing


There is an old saying “These colors don’t run” … well, after a while your eyes will cross and they do start to intermingle…..hehehe

I can’t wait to get them done….but only because I want to see the boys with them…..yeah, right!!!!

Now you know what I am chipping away at, ever so slowly!!





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So Late So Soon

“How did it get to be so late so soon?”

–Dr. Suess


Boy do I completely and wholly understand that question as well as the humor in it? Let me explain…

For the past couple of years I have been having trouble sleeping (stop laughing Sarah). I have no trouble getting to sleep, just trouble staying asleep. I get an average of 2-4 hours a night. When I wasn’t working, it wasn’t a big deal but after working 8 hours with just a little sleep ….phew this girl is tired!

Considering this lack of sleep and working all day,  it is difficult to muster the energy to sew on weekdays. All I want to do is eat a bite, check Facebook, Instagram, catch up on Downton Abbey (or some other equally fabulous show) and then I’m down for the count by 8 pm(for a minute anyway). Add to all this the fact that its dark by 6 pm and you can count me useless most weekdays. I finally decided enough is enough and made a doctor’s appt to see if he could find out the problem….

Guess what he said….MENOPAUSE…..shocked? not really!!!!!

So, I am trying some over-the-counter all natural meds to see if it helps. If it doesn’t then I am going on “the patch”!!! I am OVER THIS MESS!!!! It’s supposed to take 4-12 weeks for this natural business to do its job…but I have it on a very short leash! I don’t have long…according to the doctor I need to remember I am “getting old”. I told him I would try but remembering things is hard at my age…..and I’m almost psycho!

I have only one question for y’all ……How did it get to be so late so soon in life?


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WhiteBoard Wednesday

You haven’t seen this yet but here was January’s WhiteBoard:


I got #3 – the Modern Stitching Bee Blocks for Katy, #7 the Toes in the Sand blocks and #10 one set of blocks for one Super Hero/Americana Quilt done. THAT’s ALL!!! Which means February’s WhiteBoard looks a great deal like January’s:

2014-02-03 07.07.10

Since it is difficult to read, here is what it says:

  1. Finish blocks & put top together SH/Amer Quilt #3
  2. #swoon2013 – finish last 5 blocks
  3. MSB – Annabella
  4. Hive #7 Blocks
  5. Finish quilting Spring Time Quilt
  6. Make Callee’s Skirt
  7. Toes in the Sand blocks
  8. Put top together SH/Amer Quilt #1
  9. Catch up SBC Blocks
  10. Finish blocks & put together SH/Amer Quilt #2
  11. Mend 3 pcs clothing
  12. Finish blocks & put together SH/Amer Quilt #4

Just in case you are curious about my color coding system: top priority, monthly items ie: bees, bom, etc, and if you get around to its.

My WhiteBoard needs replaced so I am in the market for a new one. But in the meantime this wavy one will do….

In a couple days I will tell you all about the SH/Amer Quilts and maybe you will understand why it appears I haven’t been getting anything done!


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Time to Pack….

….but not for a trip! Instead it’s time to pack up all the prizes (and a couple things I have sold).

FAL-2014-Button small/quilterinthegap

BUT FIRST….let me announce the winner of the Premature FAL Giveaway….

the winner is none other than….

Our very own (and well loved)….



No….just kidding…oddly she doesn’t want my hexies (she has about a million of her own) and didn’t even enter the giveaway!! I just had to give her a hard time…she is lovely though!!!

Ok…now to be serious for a minute. The real winner was picked by Mr. Random:

premature fal giveaway winner

Laura (Blue Giraffe Crafts) pinned our FAL button on Pinterst and also linked up (sorry, the linky party is now closed). Before today, I was not familiar with Laura’s blog but it is super cute. She is very talented with a crochet hook (something I might be a bit jealous of hehehe). If you get a chance I hope you will check her blog out and congratulate her.

I have sent you an email Laura (if you don’t hear from me, please email me by using that envelope on the top right hand corner) so that I can get your address.

Well….I have a living room to paint. It currently looks like this:

Living Room & access to basement

Living Room & access to basement

Well….kinda! There isn’t any carpet in there…that nasty stuff had to go. I will be installing carpet next month so I have to get busy. I have three more rooms to paint: the LR and 2 bedrooms. In case I forget to tell you this later….I HATE PAINTING!!!!!!

I hope y’all have a stitchy kinda day.



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Premature FAL Giveaway

I was just linking up with 2014 Q1 FAL and thinking about various aspects of the FAL. There are so many different bits required to make it successful and Leanne and Katy have done and will continue to do a great job. I am so very blessed to have friends who are A.MA.Zing!!!

In an attempt to do my part, I want to do a little giveaway in order to accomplish a couple of things – 3 things actually:

  • increase the FAL’s Pinterest exposure
  • increase the FAL’s IG Exposure
  • and ensure y’all have linked up with Katy – the 2014 hostess!

So…you will have 3 possible entries into this giveaway. I would think they are obvious at this point but let me “make it plain” (a standing joke in our family)…

Entry #1 – You can find me on IG as gapquilter …. and recently I posted a pic of the 2014 FAL Button…repost this pic with the hashtag #FALgiveaway and you are entered (please no comment on the blog for this entry)

Entry #2 – You can find me on Pinterest as gapquilter. In my sidebar —-> you will find a “Pin It” button under the FAL button. Click that button, comment on that pin with hashtag #FALgiveaway (please no comment on the blog for this entry either)

Entry #3 – Leave a comment here if you linked up your FAL Q1 list (the FAL button will take you there)

I bet you are wondering what the prize is … huh?! Well, how about this:

#FALgiveaway|quilterinthegapThe book titled “Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks” by Tula Pink and a few hexies (and I am notorious for throwing in some fabric scraps…just sayin’). Some of the hexies are glued on the hexie paper and some are not. There are approximately a hundred hexies here. Some are fussy cut some are not. I have laid a few of them out so you can get a taste of what is there:


EDITED to add: I will close the giveaway the same day the linky closes for the FAL – January 17th.

OK, now y’all know how to enter and what you could win….I only have one question….what ya waitin’ for….get to pinin’, postin’ and linkin’! Oh, and ….good luck y’all!!!


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