Episode 2 – Me Me Me


You can listen to this episode online here or in iTunes here.

In this episode you will learn a little about me. You get to hear about my “quilting theory”, my UFOs, and a restaurant story. Oh and let me not forget about my Wedding Rant hehehe

As promised here are the links to pictures from Martin’s Station Raid…

Historic Martin’s Station  This website is more informational but it is quite a great experience if you ever get the chance…and if you do I sure hope you let me know so that we can meet.

Pioneer Times USA – This one has a bunch of pictures. I can confirm that many of these people were in the restaurant this weekend.

I am a little surprised about how emotional I got when talking about my Alzheimers quilt so I thought I would share a picture of it…

I call it Beautiful Bedlam because that is what goes on in my poor Grandmother’s head..shear bedlam and yet she is so beautiful!! WOW This is a poor picture!! I will see if I can take a better one when I am more prepared emotionally.

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  1. Sorry, I have been trying to download your podcast in iTunes ( which hates me by the way) but so far it has not shown up. I can not download from blogger because it is a quick time format and will not download to my PC. Do you post your podcast on another blog site…pod beam,blip tv or any of the the others? I find I can download from those sites easily. JUST HOPING!

  2. Even if another podcaster reviews the same book or magazine we would still be interested in your take on it. It might be different… you might have a different slant to the subject. There is room for everyone in this podcasting field. It is interesting to hear about the same subject from different view points.

    As for the wedding rants….. We mommas (quilters) who have been there and done the weddings from Hxxx understand the need to blow off steam. I hope your son never wanders onto the internet to see what mom is up to cause kids never understand when there moms blow off steam. They get real sucky with you…… Take it from one who is been there. I hope everything works out for you and yes continue to release the frustrations on sympathetic ears. A few prayers should wing your way.

    Nonnie in MI

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  4. Great podcast 🙂 Really enjoyed it. Had a chuckle wondering what would get your red indian bloke arrested here first, the knife or the bollock exposure…

  5. The AAQI quilt is very moving. The quilting is extraordianry. I hope to get a chance to listen to the podcast later today.

  6. “Indians need more than a loin cloth”…..Funniest line ever in a quilting podcast! I looked at the pictures, and those re-enactors do look a bit scary!
    Thanks for an entertaining and informative podcast, and I support you 100% on the wedding vs. quilt show plans.

  7. You are so great – do your kids listen to this!!!?

  8. You're just so funny, I really enjoyed listening to this one and the stories you had! I was nodding along when you were talking about the ripping, I never rip anything unless its a total disaster….

  9. I just re-listened to your podcast and agree with you…. enjoy the process … you do the best you can if the Q-police don't like it… poke them in the eye.

    I still have more UFO than you do … started them when I took a class… some are to the point they just need borders but fabric and top are together…. just waiting to be finished. SOME UFOs are now headed to charity quilts since I have no interest in finishing them. The charity quilt group will finish it. It is funny we are exchanging UFOs, I will finish other people UFOs and they are finishing mine.


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  10. I burst out laughing when I heard your story about how you got your son to change the date of the wedding. I would absolutely do the same thing!


  11. I finally had a chance to listen to this podcast, it was great! You are a good story teller and I like your quilting attitude!

  12. You are just the cutest thing. I enjoyed your podcast very much. I love the quilting attitude. I have made small mistakes and not taken them out and know one notices.
    I know just how you feel about doing stuff for your kids. I am getting a little better at saying NO but it needs more work.
    I hope the wedding is beautiful. Know one will know all of the work you will have to do. That is ok because all of your podcast and blogger friends will congratulate you and pat you on the back for being such a good Mom.

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