Episode 6 – General Chatter


I am in the process of moving all my episodes to my PodOmatic site and my new iTunes account. In the meantime, you can listen on my new iTunes account.

Today’s episode is just what the title suggests…hehehe

I do promise a link to a super cute and easy baby project, so here is that link…

Click picture to be taken to the tutorial

 I also promised Angel in her bikini…

Ready for the Beach!!!

Details will be forthcoming for the Knoxville AQS meet-up! Watch for those!!!


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  1. I will listen tomorrow, hopefully I will get the chance.
    Why is the baby in a bikini top!!!??? Cute pic x

  2. The baby is adorable!

  3. I think it is pronounced Gervase. I realize people pronounce vase differently so I'll elaborate. Vase with a long a (rather than a short a). Maybe if you didn't have quite so much to do, you'd feel like you get more done. But then what would be the fun in that 🙂 Have a great trip.

  4. I don't “do babies”, but even I think this is cute!

  5. Awww, Angel is so cute!!! Was nice to listen to you again today, even if it was a shorter than normal episode. Although, you are so busy I really don't know how you find time to do it all!! Make sure you make some time for yourself to chill out a litle bit too.
    Rachel x

  6. WORKING WOMAN (OUTSIDE OF THE HOME) do not have the same time as those that work in the home. To your shift add…. The time at work where you MUST give your attention to what you are being paid to do… then you have to drive back and forth to work… (An extra hour a day gone for me.) Then you have to do the family stuff … i.e. cook dinner, laundry… etc. It ends up you have less time to do what YOU want to do….

    Just enjoy doing what you are doing.


  7. Hope you get some time in all that to just put your feet up! Remember to look after yourself too 😉 x

  8. I just listened to your post about finding good diapers. I think you needed to use 'prefolded' diapers. I remember my mom using the thin gauzy diapers on my younger sibs, but she had to fold them into diaper shape before using them.

  9. Oh Rhonda,

    I speak with my best work friend before our workday starts nearly every day of the year. When we need to vent, we need to vent. We always tell each other no apologies needed. So too – for you – no apologies. You can have a blessed life and still be overbooked and feel the need to vent. You can hear the stress in your voice as I could really hear your Southern accent in this podcast – which is lovely by the way. But still – stress brings out our roots, yes?

    Take care of yourself.


  10. Rhonda I have finally caught up on all your podcasts. I love listening to your voice and you tell great stories. I have started seeing other people in blogland saying “I digress” which is clearly coming from you. But, I hope that you will not let the obligation of your adoring fans push you to making podcasts on a schedule that is too tight or not flexible enough to allow you to play, work, mother/grandmother, sew and have fun too. We will wait when things are busy and we will listen when the podcasts are ready.

  11. Yay – I finally had time to listen! You work so many hours I am surprised you get anything done, so you mustn't beat yourself up about the UFOs!

    Sit back, relax and have fun over the next couple of weeks x

  12. Oh my gosh. You work all the time, spend time with your grandkids, and try to fit some quilting in. You should see some of our sewing rooms. One thing at a time.
    Love you and your podcast.

  13. Hi Rhonda, I am enjoying your podcasts, trying to get up to speed. I have the Simple Quilts issue, too, and it has got SO many project in it that I flagged.

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