Episode 8 – Clover & Violet Plus Some


You can listen to this episode online on my PodOmatic site or on iTunes

This is an abnormally long episode. Here is a quick rundown of what is covered in this episode:

  • Listener Comments/Reviews
  • Knoxville AQS Show
  • The Wedding (I will post wedding photos in a separate blog post later this evening)
  • Pet Peeve
  • Quilting Catch-up
  • Work
  • WannaBe Quilter Campaign
  • Interview with Jennie at Clover and Violet
  • Miscellaneous Hoop-la

Here are the promised Links:

If you are a no-reply blogger or might be…go to Kiss Kiss…Quilt for more information

My favorite quilt at the Knoxville AQS Show:

Check out all those tiny quilts & people

A close-up of the one of the quilts & people (notice she is taking a picture of the quilt)

Another close-up

Here is Angel and I cooling off after the wedding (I realize the video is sideways-my husband doesn’t know how to work camera). Also, I am a HOT MESS in this video but it is worth it to see Angel having so much fun:

Here are my Embroidery 101 blocks:

The newest block – Block 4

all the blocks…I hope there will be sashing!!

Here are my Mystery Quilt Blocks so far:

sorry about the terrible picture!!!

You can win some great prizes through the Wanna Be Quilter Campaign over at Stash Manicure!!

You can read all about Jen’s Simple Abundance Quilt here. Here is a picture of it:

You can find the tutorial to Jen’s Take Along Quilt Tutorial here. And here is a picture of it:
Here is Jen’s new sewing space:
Fabric Stash
Look at all those pre-cuts…does that qualify her for having more fabric than me???
Cutting/Drawing Table
Pin Cushions….I told you there were many!!
Ironing Corner
There is that super-cute coat rack with her super-cute bags on it!!

Sewing Table
THE machine…

More Stash and Storage
There is the yarn stash…hehehe

Sewing Space
Love the way she has those quilts displayed!!

Pretty Little Things
Her tray of lovelies….
Here is a list of Quilting Podcasts (please note this is just a few). More can be found by simply searching “quilting podcasts” on iTunes:
Katie (Katie’s Quilting Corner)
Susan (The History 
Pam (Hip to be a Square)
Frances (Off Kilter Quilt)
Sandy (Quilting for the Rest of Us)

To find out how to contact Rebecca, the one responsible for my blog make-over and to get my cool new buttons go here.

You can find the full interview with Jen in document format here (please listen to the podcast before requesting permission to this document).
I think I have covered it all!! Please let me know if I have missed something by emailing me. Phew!! that is a great deal of information but it feels GOOD to be back!!!!!



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  1. That quilt from the show is amazing. Obviously you were allowed to take a photo of it, what about the others?

    Looks like life has been manic, hope you get a bit of peace and quiet now.

  2. Oh, happy day, I've missed you!! Now, if I can wrestle my iPod off my child I may have something fun to get me through the Sunday night ironing. *groans* It was going to be “Miss Congeniality” but you've just kicked Sandra Bullock into touch – bet that doesn't happen every day, eh?

  3. downloading it as we speak! going to listen tonight while i sew…

  4. Having a chuckle at your pronouncation of Alloa, Clackannanshire. *grins* By the way, I live in Leicestershire. Love the podcasts. Love the photos of your sewing space from earlier…so jealous!!

    lizallen19 (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

  5. Hello! i just thought I'd say as I look for the link to follow your blog! Magpie mimi suggested I head this way because she thought I'd like your blog and podcasts!

    i'm just in the process of making my first quilt, so lots to learn! if I'd followed you 4 months ago i could have called in to say hello in person as we drove through tennessee and Kentucky on our way from Atlanta to western NY for my new job!

    Looking forward to listening to the podcast later tonight 🙂 giles

  6. just finished and i am now feverishly finishing up my interview! planning on putting the children down for a nap soon and i promise… promise… promise… you will have your interview by the end of the day! PROMISE!

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  8. It was fun 'walking' through the show with you…several times! I find myself torn between vendors and exhibits all the time! NEVER have I come home empty handed! lol

    I am SO happy you had a “Ghastly” time too! We will have to keep in touch to see what we make of these prints! I still want some bats and might get some for my birthday, as a gift to myself. 🙂

    I can SO relate to the heat! What a summer it has been in the south! We hit 114° here last week…an all time EVER record was set!

    You almost had ME in tears with the wedding stories. My daughter eloped and my sons don't even have girlfriends. Of course the youngest is ten but the two older ones should have produced grandchildren by now! lol ENJOY!!!

    I'm looking forward to winter too. I hope to get caught up on podcast listening! I also hope to spend LOTS more time in the studio too!

    Thanks for having a very enjoyable podcast!

  9. Aww, so pleased the wedding went well, can't wait to see all the pics! BTW, I didn't throw my bouquet either, but that was because I wanted to keep it!!
    PS. Have started working on my interview – you will be pleased to hear that my town is very easy to pronounce!!

  10. Rhonda, I am with you on being overwhelmed when I first enter a show. The visual stimulation from the juried quilts, the quilt exhibits, the vendor quilts, etc. is too much for me to take in. I have to do as you did and walk around, leave, walk around, take in a few quilts, etc. But yes, as Sherri said, I can spend a bundle fast!

    Also – I did as you asked and changed my blogger defaults to include email reply. I hope. I have to admit I can be pretty dim with computer code.

  11. Rhonda, I am going to answer the question you asked – so you can no longer say we never answer your questions! You asked if a quilt along should be weekly, twice monthly or monthly. I think weekly is way too fast. I always seem to have a lot of life going on, and I only get a half hour here and there to quilt. Twice a month seems like a pretty good pace to me. Monthly is OK too.

    Don't apologize about long podcasts – I love them. I was on a long plane ride yesterday, and you helped pass the time.

    I'm a bit jealous of your hot summer. Here, it was cold and rainy till July 1, and we have only had one day this summer where it got up to 30 degrees Celsius (which is 88 in Farenheit). We never get hot summers, but they are usually nicer than this. (I'm in Calgary, Canada.)

    I used to be a “no reply” commenter. I didn't realize it, and even entered contests, not knowing the person had no way of contacting me! I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one.

  12. I have just caught up with all your podcasts I was a little behind!You definitely helped make trimming up HSTs more enjoyable!

    Glad the wedding all went well. The pictures are great!

    I enjoyed listening about your quilt show experience. I went to festival of quilts yesterday and after listening to you I did buy a show guide which I didn’t do last year. (Although last year I was way to busy just shopping to be bothered! =D )

    I feel the same way you do about halloween & the Ghastlies fabric!! I got some for my birthday a year ago and still can’t decide what to do with it! It is too lovely to chop up!

    I can’t really answer your QAL question because I am yet to start a QAL when it starts and keep up! I started Lynne’s Dresden QAL but still haven’t finished it! (And I was only doing one Dresden so that’s really bad!)

    I’ve really enjoyed your interviews and have enjoyed getting to know more about some of the other bloggers I follow.

    Look forward to the next one!

  13. Hello again, this is Giles from Touch And Sew (http://touchandsew.blogspot.com). I followed you recently to listen to your podcasts which had been recommended by Magpie Mimi. I also enjoy reading your blog posts too! I thought I'd comment again to say how much I was enjoying them, and to say a little more about who I am, and that I too have corrected the “no reply” option on my blog.

    I've downloaded and listened to all 8 of your podcasts this week, spending several happy hours quilting whilst listening!

    I think the podcasts have been excellent, right from the start! I've listened to podcasts before (though not on quilting), and I certainly did not get the impression that you were new to making podcasts! You sound very fluent and you put it together very well! Every episode has been entertaining and informative, and I love the interviews with bloggers who are new to me, as well as bloggers like Sarah (Narcoleptic in a Cupboard) who I follow and talk to quite often.

    I'm from the UK originally (don't ask where or I'll have to throw place names like Cilfynydd, pronounced a bit like Kill-vun-ith, at you!) … but I moved to Atlanta and recently moved to upstate New York, so I understand both the Brit humor and the American foodstuffs!

    I am quite new to quilting, just putting the finishing touches to my first quilt. I'm enjoying the challenges of learning to quilt and meeting fellow quilters and sewers,and looking forward to getting stuck into my second quilt and other projects, even despite being mostly blind and facing kidney dialysis soon (on the bright side, just think how much time that'll give me for extra quilting!)

    … I'm looking forward to the continuing podcasts and blog posts. Oh, and I put you as my sponsor in the WantoBe Quilter challenge – thank you for saying in the podcast that it was ok to say you were our sponsor :).

    Keep up the great work 🙂


  14. I thoroughly am enjoying your podcasts! Sandy from http://www.QuiltingForTheRestOfUs.com recommended you to me! Couldn't wait to sit down and review your show notes and click all the links! All KINDS of goodies!

    A few more Podcasts you might like:
    http://simplearts.com/blogs/?page_id=406 – Annie Smith: Quilting Stash
    http://patsloan.typepad.com/pat_sloans_corner/ – American Patchwork & Quilting Radio (Pat Sloan)
    http://marklipinskisblog.wordpress.com/ – Creative Mojo Radio Show with Mark Lipinski

    In answer to your “Quilt-Along” question. I like bi-weekly. Gives me two weekends to attempt to keep caught up.

    Favorite part of your podcast this time around was listening to you tour Jen's sewing room pics. It got me giggling and thinking about what the pictures of MY sewing room say about me! I've now started arranging little areas just to photograph. Like an “I Spy” Quilt Studio tour! Dying to see what you will zoom in on!

  15. i'm going to go back and listen to the podcast, but i have to post first – love the vid of Angel and you in the pool. what a sweet little laugh she has!! also, love the embroidery. i was seriously addicted to that when i was a teenager, but haven't done any since. i remember it was so relaxing. i love that you are using it in your quilting!

  16. Just listened to the podcast. I enjoyed the interview with Jen. I've just started following her blog and it is neat to get to know her a bit. I know you've already moved on from this question but here's my input. I don't have much time to sew and when I sign up for a quilt along, I seldom get it finished. Biweekly is about as often as I can get to things.

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