Episode 13 – Touch And Sew


This episode includes an interview with Giles at Touch and Sew, a little chatter about my current projects, as well as some bragging (about the swap stuff I received). There is more general chatter than normal before, during and after the interview so it goes a little long. Enjoy the podcast!

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Don’t forget to visit the Men Quilt Too Quilt Show and to go to the Competition Album to vote for Giles’ quilt for your favorite. This is hosted by Thearica at Pigtales & Quilts.
Here are the promised pictures of Giles’ quilt & sewing space:

This is his desk where he does most of his hand piecing while listening to podcast and audio books.

His first quilt laid out…during the piecing process…remember, completely by hand!

Giles – at his new sewing machine. Notice the way he sits at his machine – better to see!

His pic-a-nic basket (little Yogi reference there) where he stores his projects and his stash.

He takes over his dining room table when he uses the sewing machine.
The completed quilt…the one you should vote for!!!!

Here are all my wonderful Goodies from the Goodie Swap hosted by Cindy….it was so much fun. I hope my partners are at least 1/2 as happy as me because I am busting over the items I received. I mean, seriously, check these out….

These are from Di

Look at that owl pincushion!!!!!

Isn’t she beautiful??

Yes, I travel with that much jewelry!

And these are from Nicky

The whole package…notice how my card matches my pouch?

Isn’t she beautiful!!!

The front of the pouch

The back of the pouch…she must know my daughter.

And here they are hung on my wall….

Cool huh?

A second view – just cuz!

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Thanks for listening!!!



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  1. Well, I enjoyed that experience! I was a little nervous about what the info I gave would really say about me… but I think I pass as just about normal πŸ˜‰

    Off the top of my head, here are some answers to things from the podcast:

    You got the pronunciations fine – my name and Swansea (Swan – see), which is a lovely coastal city with beautiful beaches and lots of rain!

    I used to live near my friend Magpie Mimi in Wales, and whenever I have sewing questions she is always at the end of an email with great advice! Her blog is a very interesting read as she is trying to establish an online etsy store and do some craft faie stalls too.

    The picnic basket… oh yes, it took the cat all of 5 minutes to work out how to undo the catch and open the lid! Luckily she is normally more interested in pinching our chairs whenever we get up so she doesn't usually pay the fabric much attention!

    My main project at the moment is my second quilt, the Rainy Day quilt. Although it's described as a quick beginners' quilt it takes me longer because I'm hand stitching the quilt top again. I just like hand stitching! I'll use the machine to quilt it all again, but I think hand stitching the piecing is definitely my favorite!

    And then there's the black pudding! Vegetarians should probably look away now! Black pudding is basically a mix of pig's blood and oatmeal, to make a kind of large sausage shape… it gets cut into slices about 1/4 inch thick and you fry it / saute it and have it with bacon, fried eggs… the famous British fry-up! I miss being able to get it over here!

    If I've overlooked anything then comment here or on my blog and I'll happily answer anything!

    For anybody who heads over to follow my blog, please leave me a comment and say hi… and it is a great help if you give me the name of your blog so I can easily find it and follow you back!

    And thanks to Rhonda for these entertaining podcasts. It's always a pleasure to sit down with a bit of quilting and tune in to the latest instalment! πŸ™‚

    Giles (Touch And Sew / touchandsew.blogspot.com)

  2. Quick comments… be SURE to tell Giles that all pre-cuts are not the same. In other words, a Moda pre-cut jelly roll can't be counted on to measure the same width as a Hoffman Balipop, for example.

    Cats adore helping their quilty owners. I have a door that I shut to keep them out, but they telaport through walls you know.

    Doors don't seem to stop a determined cat. I can't tell you how many times I've had to go open the door to let the cat OUT of the studio even though I never see them come in and I always look to be sure they are out when I close the door.

    It seems teleporting only works one way. Either that, or it is just the cat's way of showing me who's boss and insisting the door be opened for his or her highness to be let out.

  3. Do I get a medal? Listening to 3 podcasts in 2 days, and there was almost time to eat and sleep in between!

    Great interview with Giles, although he can keep his black pudding!!

  4. trust me, if you didn't know what it was and you tried some, you'd say mmmmmm how wonderful… hehe, well maybe πŸ™‚

    Quilt club sew night tomorrow – can't wait!

  5. I'm with Hadley on the black pudding – eww! (And no, Giles, I have never tried it!!) Great interview, very inspiring. You did make me chuckle talking about the comments on my interview πŸ˜‰ (BTW, I get up at 7am on a school day) Oh, and I did “like” a couple of those hairstyles for you on pinterest, did you not see those? Nice swap goodies too!

  6. Fun podcast, Rhonda! It was nice to meet you Giles. And now I know the answer to the question if anybody ever asks me if I want black pudding-“NO!”

  7. Hi Rhonda,

    I love it when your podcasts go long. They keep me company more while I am sewing.

    Giles – I think it is cultural. Americans just know how to make breakfast the BEST and, I am sorry to say, you have been duped in England. πŸ™‚ The fried mushrooms were good, but the black slices of pudding – oh man. I guess if it says home though, well, there you go!

    Rhonda, you win my award for a super neat sewing room. It made me feel calm to see your pictures for sure.

  8. i finally finished this today! loved it. i will be trying to remember to describe the pics in my posts a bit better from now on. black pudding… i would give try it, as long as i didn't know what it was. also, the bit about him keeping his fabric in pic nic basket. i totally cracked up when you said… “Heeeey boo boo!” lol… rotfl! hilarious! love this podcast rhonda!

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