Episode 14 – Catch Up


Today’s podcast is all about catching up on what I am working on and what I have been up to at work. It’s a fairly short episode but I think you might enjoy it none the less. I know I enjoyed recording it.

You can listen on my PodOmatic site and on iTunes (see side bar). They both might take a few minutes to be ready for listening.

Here are a few promised links and pictures:

Don’t forget to cast your vote on the Men Quilt Too – You only have until October 22nd to do so.

Here are my fabrics for the Table Runner Swap:

Ready, Set, Snow

Purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop

Felt for my ornaments purchased from Felt on the Fly

My Winter Sewing List

The Anna Griffin Fabric Line I talked about:

Available at the Fat Quarter Shop

My Hair Before:

I loathe pictures of myself!!!

My Hair After:

Still loathe pictures of myself!!!

I took a couple of full body shots too but I am not sharing those! Maybe another day! hehehe


14 Comment

  1. What a modern chick you are! Jxo

  2. I'll listen soon – loving the look!!

  3. Ooh, your hair looks great! I'm off to bed now so will look forward to listening to you tomorrow
    R x

  4. You look fab! It took me a dozen or more different shots to get a passable one of myself and I still had the bin in the background so I'm well impressed.

  5. I love the new hair cut! And I'll say, for a mom with a little boy who hardly naps, a half-hour podcast is a great length as I rarely get an entire hour to myself! 🙂 Oh, and I like the chatter too…I had a comment about something you said, but my thoughts were interrupted by Curious George, and now I've forgotten!

  6. Awwwww, where's the blue hair and mohican?

  7. just put it on my ipod. going to catch up with giles and this one tomorrow… cant wait!

  8. super cute cut also.

  9. finished both today. i love listening to your podcast rhonda. it makes me happy!

  10. I agree with your comments on the Fons and Porter magazine. I've been a subscriber for a few years, but the quilts all look the same after awhile. I thought that when Mary Fons came on board, they would have more modern quilts, but not so far.

    Thanks for your podcasts. I always feel like I'm having coffee with a chatty friend when I listen to them.

  11. Rhonda, Your description of doing needlework while being cozy under a quilt with the snow coming down outside while amongst your family just made me take a great big sigh. If I wrote that it would under the category of “Now, where were you on vacation?”

  12. Having a hair stylist who can hear you and who shares your vision is priceless. Your change is so great. It's really ippy and fresh. I love it.

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