Episode 15 – Katie’s Quilting Corner


I am still working on getting my older episodes on my PodOmatic site and my new iTunes site but I am getting there. You can listen to this episode (and a few others) on them though. I will let y’all know when I have them all transferred over. Note: sometimes these posts are up and running just a few minutes before the latest episode so be patient.

In this episode you will hear my first ever phone interview….yep, that right, two voices. Are you excited? I had a great telephone interview with Katie from Katie’s Quilting Corner. Of course, there is also some general chatter surrounding that interview…you know me, Miss Chatter Box!

Here are some links and pictures as promised:

Click Picture to be taken to Kati’e blog.

You can find Katie’s podcast episodes here.
Her most recent Free Pattern Friday.
Pictures of her dogs can be found here.

Katie’s favorite lines (right now) are:

Image taken from Fat Quarter Shop

Image taken from Fat Quarter Shop

During our chatting we talked about a couple of money saving emails/websites we use. Here are the links to those:

Katie also mentioned a couple of techniques she either uses or tries. Here are links to those:

There was a discussion about a dear blogging friend of mine and how much I love her blog. You can find Sweet Sarah at Narcoleptic in a Cupboard. And the quilt that was discussed can be seen here (yep, the one where I messed up on who made it – sorry all). Sorry Nicke…but you did get credit…eventually! LOL

Finally, here are the pictures as promised from Katie:

My next interview will be Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting…probably around November 23rd (ish).

click the picture to be taken to the Sew, Mama, Sew! Blog (you don’t want to miss it)
click image and then scroll down a bit once you get there (another one you don’t want to miss)

Thanks for listening y’all! Have a great day!!


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  1. Oh I hope I get a chance to listen tomorrow evening – if not it will have to wait for Wednesday AFTER I have done a couple of hours helping out at school!

  2. Thanks a lot missus, telling everyone I'm a big swearypants. Not a single one has been used uncensored on my blog I'll have you know πŸ˜› But I'll forgive you since you've given me all the credit for Nicke's fabulous masterpiece! (sorry Nicke!)

  3. Coffee filters – I use these as tear away stabilizer anytime I'm doing applique or when I'm sewing my string blocks.

    “Dinosaur” – this is Yoshi from Super Mario games by Nintendo. I love him!

    Ruler without a middle – this is a square up ruler that I've only used like 3 times. I don't really like it but I keep it around anyway.

    Hacksaw – yes this is a hacksaw. I use it to trim dowels for my wall hangings.

    Bins on the wall – I got these from IKEA. I think they called them “recycling bins” and they come in various sizes. I use them to organize my small scrap pieces that aren't pre-cut yet into shapes. Helps me organize by color.

    Clover bobbin organizer – I love it! The only thing I need to do is glue the base on because it is always falling off.

    I think I answered all your questions πŸ™‚ E-mail me if I missed something!

  4. I need to get the girls back in school so I can sit and listen. No chance of peace and quiet with them here!

  5. Rhonda, I think your first “live” podcast went very well. The sound was fine on my end and I didn't hear the candy corn being crunched! On a serious note, I thought it was brave of Katie to mention her adventures in anxiety and the subsequent drive to stay house bound. It is all too common and especially hits young women. I am glad Katie talked about it and how it can be managed. So good job Miss Rhonda.

  6. I finally got caught and listened to this latest episode! It was very good, especially for the first “live audio” transmission! In fact you can tell it was good because I made myself a cup of tea and at the end of the podcast I looked down at my shelf and found one very cold cup of tea!

    The dogs are funny – I've had a fleet of cats all beginning with the letter B… Bastard, Baggio and Benson (all as co-owner in my student days) and then my cat Bix!

    I used to love blogging on Live Journal too, but it seemed to lose its focus when Facebook came along, and Blogger sure seems to be the place to be now. I still miss the old LJ community though!

    What else… oh, I completely get the agrophobia issue… I'm beginning to realise that I let my lack of sight stop me from going anywhere I don't know if I can't get the mobility bus door to door, and even then I sometimes don't fancy that. It's something I really need to get on top of else I'll end up a recluse! It's good to hear that it is something that can be successfully conquered πŸ™‚

    Oh yes, and I guess the British Meat Board won't forgive me for putting everybody off black pudding in a hurry! Seriously, everyone who likes their steak rare is much more in the habit of eating blood than they would be with the well-cooked black pudding! … but I know it sounds worse than it is.

    I think I was going to say something about fabrics too, but I can't remember what now! Maybe I'll listen again later this week and see if I remember.

  7. i feel like such a bad listener… i finally listened today! i was laughing through the whole thing. i love your podcast rhonda! thanks for mentioning my dirty dirty dirty sewing. i am flattered you called me sarah. i love her. she is such a dear and i love her very much! also… you need to email me your phone number again. i tried to text you today while i was listening and i couldn't find it in my phone! i got a new phone a short time ago and that is my only explanation.

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