Episode 20 – I’m BACK!!!!

NOTE: I realize some of the pictures are very dark. There are two factors that go into play here: (a) new phone so…new camera and (b) currently poor lighting in my sewing room.
QUESTION: Does anyone know how to get the player at the top of the post and/or the comments at the bottom? I use self-hosted WordPress
Ironically, I was helping dear hubby fix the lighting in my room right after recording this podcast and just before getting these show notes typed and this episode posted when I threw my back out. So I am in a bit of a hurry to get in bed so I will fix the pictures that are sideways tomorrow!
This episode is an intro back into the podcasting world. I just chatter on about this and that.
  1. Why the hiatus
    1. Mom
    2. Privacy
  2. Where podcasting from – New Sewing Room
    1. Quick Tour
      The Big Picture of the Little Room
      The thread wall…see that pile…that is the urgent pile mentioned later in episode!
      This is the wall that does my heart good!
      The new machine…and so much more!!!
      Yep…curtains are talked about in this episode

      Do you see why I kept getting distracted?
    2. Change in how things are stored
      Now they are on hangers…move on and stop counting!
      Scraps…some bound for giveaway pile
      Seriously….My hubby is good to me…just what I asked for!

      Tucked away in closet…I think I may have forgotten to mention this!
    3. Got rid of some things
      1. Magazines

        This is the box of magazines I am getting rid of.
      2. Books

        I have to make all those decisions!…do you see that UFO?
      3. Giveaway Pile
    4. People want to know….
  3. Recent purchases
    1. Sew Lux
      1. New Design Challenge Bundle
      2. Matching Perle thread set
    2. Fluffy Sheep Quilting
      1. New Shop
      2. New Bundles
  4. Jennie is FABULOUS
    1. Clover & Violet
    2. Click. Snap. Swoosh. Laugh
  5. Recent swaps/Bees
    1. In The Frame Purse Swap
      A close up of my bag…is this me or what?
      My partner ROCKS and was soooo good to me!!!

      I love this fabric….I want jammies in this!
    2. Modern Stitching Bee
  6. Kaylah’s new roo

    This picture kinda shows all three wall treatments…And how I can write going uphill.
  7. New FUNC
    Thanks Kat!

    Kats blog: Diary of  a Flutter Kat

  8. New sewing machine
  9. The urgent Pile

The BONUS picture:

It’s like they are hugging my feet!!!

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  1. Woo hoo! I’m off to update my little ipod! I’m so happy that you’re back 🙂

  2. Yay! Can’t wait to hear you digress!!!!

  3. Oh Rhonda, even you cannot compete with the Olympics, but I will be listening as soon as I can!
    (Can’t believe you are calling that a small sewing room!) x

  4. LOL So glad you’re back, will listen later 🙂 Love Susans comment too… just what I was thinkin!!!

  5. Yay listening to it now! =D

  6. Hi Rhonda, great news that you’re back with a podcast! … however I am struggling to find it! I don’t use iTunes so went to the Podomatic site but didn’t see episode 20 on the list … is it coming there soon or am I doing something wrong? (probably the latter!)

    Have you always been on WordPress or is this a recent move? The site layout seems different to how I remember … taking me a little while to find where everything is!

    Good to see you back 🙂

  7. Hahaha! I love listening to your podcast! I am working on photo editing, which is so boring, so it is great to have you to listen too…except that I want to chat back!

    And, I love that your granddaughter has a purse too, Silas has a book bag that my mom made him that he calls his purse too! When we’re getting ready to go he often says “where’s my purse at?” before we leave!

    Regarding the editing (in case I forget to take your survey), I don’t mind the “um”s!

    Oh, and I think your comments are at the top because of the template I installed…if you would like me to look for a different one, I can! 🙂

  8. Rhonda-
    If you want to swap your scraps you’re sick of looking at for my scraps that I’m sick of looking at, let me know. At this point I’m trying to foist baggies of strings on strangers!

  9. dammit i can’t find you on itunes!

  10. well, let me rephrase that, i subscribed to you but your podcast is not there for me to download. am i doing something wrong???

  11. Great to hear you back again! And Hadley is right, you think that room is small?! I would kill for a sewing room even half that size! 🙂
    R xx

  12. I’m the same as Nicke – I can find you on iTunes and am using the link from your blog etc etc but it says zero episodes….I want me some Rhonda chat!! Was Nicke able to find it??

  13. I love your owl wall hanging, that is so adorable! If you are getting rid of books or scraps, I always take in orphans! Just saying…..

  14. i like your extra big ironing table. I need to make one of those

  15. Rhonda,

    I didn’t realize my car radio was set on Bluetooth this morning and I heard you coming out of my radio and thought you were on NPR. I told my husband to listen to that lady – that I knew her and that she was funny and great. And you were. Then we realized you were coming from my iPhone. Still – an excellent podcast Missy!

  16. Ooh glad you liked Bonnie’s parcel so much – it was just YOU! Glad you are back on air – digressing an’ all ! Hope you get yourself all sorted on the UFO and other fronts! I am such a big fail on the FAL front this quarter! Zilch done so fear not! Pass all your unwanteds out as someone out there wants it! Call it recycling! We could all do a bit!

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