Episode 21 – Chattin’ Away!

Here is what you can expect to hear me rattle on about in this episode. A little of this n that! Grab your favorite beverage and let’s chat…or better yet, pull your chair up to your machine and let me do the talkin’ while you sew! Here we go….
  1. Editing poll
  2. Lori Holt’s new line 

    Polka Dot Stitches – click image to be take to FQS (all things Lori)
  3. Robert Kaufman App – QuiltCalc
    1. Available iPhone & iPad & android
  4. The Japanese Charm Swap can be found here
  5. Super Buzzy
    1. Great sale section
    2. The best selection in Japanese fabrics for US
      1. Their selection of Ruby Star Rising cannot be matched in US
    3. Great pattern selection
  6. FQS Build a Bundle
  7. drive to the game
    1. Deliverance
  8. Countdown
    1. 121 days until Christmas

      This is a screenshot of my phone.
  9. What I’m watching – Netflix
    1. Forsyte Saga
    2. Life
    3. Doc Martin
    4. To Appomattox
  10. Photo a day – October
  11. What I’m working on:
    Hanging Glamp – Next to window until real location is found
    Glamp – Close up
    Leanne’s block #2
    Leanne’s block
    Callee’s pillowcases

    This is a two-week list – ambitious on purpose!
  12. Interview – Next Episode
    1. Michelle  – The Quilted Tortoise
  13. Video of me recording podcast – Next Episode


11 Comment

  1. Just need peace and quiet so I can listen. May have to wait until school kicks in!

  2. You know after showing those fabrics you have to send me some right =P

  3. Oh now I have 2 to catch up on – I am saving ‘you’ for a special occasion (ie. I have the house to myself for the first time in months!) x

  4. Just finished listening..my previous comment still stands!
    Such a great podcast. I love your distraction by the cute fabric on Super Buzzy! I had to usher the Giants out too as they came to talk over the cast as I was listening. They can be so rude!
    Loving those blocks and wow not many days left…I need to get my sew on!
    Ha a video that should be interesting. =D

  5. You echo how I felt looking at Super buzzy! So excited by fabric! Can’t believe you said the ‘C’ word ! Naughty naughty!

  6. Ooh, next time Man is out we’ve got a date 😉

  7. Cool! I’ve already downloaded. Just have to get to listenin’ 🙂

  8. My blocks are lovely, thank you. I will try listen real soon.

  9. it still isn’t coming up for me. the last episode i see on the list is episode 19 with fluffy sheep quilting. i search for quilter in the gap and results come up. one has episodes and the other has nothing. i don’t know what i am doing wrong my dear but it is driving me crazy! i need my rhonda with an h!

  10. That’s a big list, but one question…photo a day October? What happened to September?

  11. It’s always great to listen to you Rhonda, but I can’t wait to see you too in the next episode!!
    R x

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