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Well, here we are at the end of the third quarter and while I finished many projects, none of them were on my FAL list.  So, I don’t have a single one that would qualify if I could win prizes. Lucky for you, it doesn’t matter how many of my items get done….the linky party still goes on!!! Not only does the Linky Party still go on but the prizes still “get given away”….so much for improvin’ English!

Speaking of prizes, I will post all about them in a day or two (and there are some great ones! Tomorrow starts the Guest Posters and their tutorials.

Remember you need to add a link for each UFO you completed. In addition, to qualify for the prize the completed UFO had to be listed on your original pre-quarter post and it has to be complete…like bound and gagged complete…do you know what I mean? Please make sure you link back to that post so that I can verify. If you have any questions about this feel free to send me an email. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Especially in the area of completion. Sadly, there were some submissions that didn’t qualify last quarter.

In an attempt to be fair to everyone, I will not be deleting entries that don’t qualify. I will simply be keeping a list of everyone who qualifies at home and will choose prizes from that list. Again, don’t hesitate to ask questions!!!

This linky party will remain open until October 7th.  The tutorials will start on October 1st and run almost everyday (I say almost every day because I am still awaiting confirmation from one person) for about a week.

The pre third quarter linky party will start on October 8th. There are just as many great prizes available for the 4td quarter too!!!

I can’t wait to see what y’all got done during the last 3 months….get to linkin’!


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  1. Ooh, am I first? Well, I only got one done but that was one more that I expected! R xx

  2. Well, I got four out of five done. Plus a pantload of other quilts that were in the UFO list, so I’m still pretty happy for having such a rough finish to the quarter!

  3. I finished three…at the bottom of each post about the quilt, I have provided a link to the original finish along post where all my projects were listed at the beginning of the quarter 🙂

  4. I said I would do 5 – what was I thinking!!!?? Got two done… had to do the second in different fabric than was originally planned though. Turned out great 🙂 Thanks for the motivation!!!

  5. You are a star Rhonda. How you get anything made at all with the long hours you work and keeping your family all ticking along is beyond me. I consider the gift you sent us as a FAL success as you told me about it and finished it in this quarter!

  6. Well I just went and checked my list……………wow has it really been 3 months already since I wrote that. I finished NOTHING! But then again I think I only turned the machine on 3 days out of the entire 3 months. The other house is almost finished, and hubby might be going back to swings………… I am hoping the quarter is my quarter for completion.

  7. Your audit sounds like a good plan. I had set out to do 3 things and finished 2, don’t think that’s too bad!

  8. Just off to write my post xxx

  9. I just this minute finished the last stitch on my Echo Stained quilt so I will have one FAL finish. I am off to wash it and take photos and I will be back later to link up a post. It was touch and go this quarter for sure. I am hoping to better in the next one, I hope.

  10. How did another Quarter fly by??? Thanks for the boost Rhonda – 22% isn’t much to brag about but I’m happy with them and they’re off the list so I won’t complain!

  11. Well I got 2 out of 6 done. It’ll be a little easier to get one of them done for the next quarter. Finally got the thread to quilt it with now I just need to make the backing. 😉

  12. aww crap I didnt finish any of my proposed items!!

  13. Well, I finished 8 out of the 20, but I don’t have a picture of one of them, so I’ve got seven entered. Still, I’m pretty happy with my finishes. And I’m determined to get even more done this time around!

  14. Scratch that – I finished 9 out of 20. So I’ve got 8 entered. My counting skills aren’t so hot this afternoon it would seem.

  15. I think I’ve done it right! I hope I’ve done it right, anyway!

  16. I had a rough quarter and I didn’t finish ANYTHING! At least I am not alone. 🙂

  17. I made it. I finished my whole list, but it wasn’t very long!

  18. I have posted some of my pictures. It won’t let me post all my finishes because they are on the same post. I am super pleased because almost everything do finished considering I haven’t had much time to sew.

  19. I am a new blogger and would love to participate in the 4th quarter. I’m a little confused about how to join in though. Is there a separate post for the next round? Thanks.

    1. Caryn….I have tried to send you an email but I keep getting it back. Would you mind emailing me at gap(dot)rhonda(at)gmail(dot)com?

  20. Thanks, Rhonda, for inspiring us to finish our projects! I got 4 out of 6 done and am very pleased with that result!

  21. Wow, look at all the finishes! This is great. Good job everyone.

    I actually managed to finish 3 out of my list of 16 (or whatever it was), but I’ve been busy lately and didn’t get a post written. I don’t even have the pictures up on flickr. Oh well, such is life.

    I’m focusing on just one finish for the 4th Quarter and I may or may not get around to uploading a post to link to.

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