Episode 22 – The Quilted Tortoise


Today I have a nice chat about the fun/craziness of family coming to visit, the joys of family portraits, Mouthy Stitches,a few projects,  the FUNC’s adventures…oh and I interview Michelle at the Quilted Tortoise.

Before I forget…if you are looking for the Fluffy Sheep Quilting giveaway <—–just click

Here is the beautiful Michelle:

During the course of the interview I speak of the Diversity Lottery Program. You can find some information on it here.

Here are a couple of links for a few things I mention:

Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt

Liberty of London

Material Obsession and Material Obsession 2

Feathering the Nest

Wheat Bix

You can see Michelle’s stitching on Flickr. Dig a little and you will see some other things we talk about. Not to leave you to go hunting for everything, here are a few pictures of her work:

You can buy the pattern for Camelot hereLiz’s version of Candied Hexagon (yes, amazingly I give an opinion…can you imagine? **giggles**)

And my favorite part….her pics (and one of mine that I don’t know how to remove from the gallery):

So much fun. Please take the time to visit Michelle at The Quilted Tortoise and tell her you heard all about her from here!

Yes…I remember…here is the promised video of the first 10 minutes of me podcasting…it ain’t purty y’all!

I will be posting pictures, a little at a time, over the next couple weeks…but here is a taste of what is to come…

Me & my girl!!!



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  1. Loving the pink, blue, green scrappy-ish quilt posted above. Gorgeous. And the swoon is just lovely! I’m hoping to listen tonight to really catch up on the news.

  2. Thank you for posting that film! Fabulous, and yes, I was laughing at you messing with your hair!!! Hopefully I’ll get to listen to the rest of it this evening. R xxx

  3. This is the first part of my comment for this podcast since I only listened to the first hour. I saw the video too (actually I watched that first, then listened to the podcast) and it was awesome to see you recording! I loved the ridunkulous :)))) It’s an original, never heard of that word before…
    Guess we’re in the same boat with catching the trains late:) I’m always like that too. By the time I find a cool QAL they’re either done with it, or very closed to finish. DUH!
    I was laughing when you were describing your husband trying to change the light bulb in the pool. I’m the same way and could float on top without any effort for hours 🙂
    You definitely need to read the Hunger Games! Let me know what type of e-reader you get for your Bday! (When is it BTW?)
    I’ll keep listening and will comment some more if there’s something I have to say 🙂

  4. I suddenly thought I hadn’t listened to your podcast for a while so I checked the podcast page and found episode 22 that I hadn’t listened to yet!

    Loved the digression into Weetabix! i’m not a fan, though maybe if I drowned it in custard rather than milk!

    Oh you can rave about those snazzy photographs all you like, but the only pics we’re all looking at is the Rhonda-with-the-sticky-up-hair in the video! 😉

    As for checkout chick annoyances, I get equally wound up when they put only one or two items in a bag so you end up with dozens of half-empty bags! … Here in Wales plastic bags are no longer free … you can buy them at something like 5p / 8 cents each but it has had the effect that most people bring their own sustainable bags … I think it has something to do with protecting dolphins as well as being good for the environment … it’s really weird going over the border into England where bags are still free and the checkout chicks hand loads to you!

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