Episode 3 – Needles & Lemons


This is a reposted episode. I am in the process of moving my older episodes over to my new website. If you have already listened you can ignore or listen again. If you are new here….enjoy the archives!!!

This episode includes an interview of Judith at Needles and Lemons and a bit of chatter about FMQ.

In the episode I promise a couple of pictures and some links. Here you go:

Judith’s Quilting Studio


Judith’s Studio & Fabric Stash
Judith’s favorite quilt “Far Far Away”

Her blog: Needles & Lemons

You can find Judith’s Etsy Shop here.

Her photography website: Judith Dahmen

Originally this had a magnifying glass on the end of it. DH took it off and added the “do-hicky” that allows me to put a pen/marker in it. Markers work better though.


I realize a video would be best but you can see here that it touches the paper and I can move the paper to practice.

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you will visit Judith’s blog to look around. But please, no exhibitions…hehehe


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  1. Cunning plan with the doohicky…

  2. Gosh I’ll have a lot of podcasts bookmarked now! =D

  3. Jenny Faasavalu says: Reply

    Thanks, Rhonda, for fixing the iTunes problem. I listened to you all afternoon!! 🙂

  4. I have your podcast’s downloaded and love to listen to them when I’m quilting or knitting!

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