Time to Vote (But not what you might be thinking – or maybe)


OK OK….so today is the day we Americans vote for President of our country and that is very important but it can also be very stressful – especially when neither candidate is all that spectacular (and that is all I have to say about that). So instead of speaking of that kind of voting, I am going to talk about the fun kind of voting….quilting-related voting!!!!

That’s right y’all it is time to vote for your favorite quilts at Blogger’s Quilt Festival. The Amazing Amy (I think that name should stick) is once again hosting the Festival, nominations have been made, and it is time to vote. There are 12 categories and 5 quilts each category – that is 60 amazing quilts!!!

Among those 60 I have a few favorites so I thought I would share those with you today – I mean come on….I’m not sharing my political views!!! Keep in mind these favorites are listed in order you will find them on the voting site and if there is no picture it is because I am awaiting permission from the owner (check your email y’all)….

Favorite Throw Quilt category is Kati of from the Blue Chair ….

I love the graphicness (yes, I know this isn’t a word but it is the only thing that describes what I think) of this quilt. LOVE it!!!!

I have been admiring this next quilt since Audrie of Blue is Bleu starting posting about it back in January (I am kind of a silent stalker of her blog). N.E.Way….I was excited to get to nominate and vote for this beauty in the Favorite Bed Quilt category because I would certainly put this baby on my bed!!

Let’s see, what next? Have you ever looked at a quilt and thought “WOW!!!” and really just had a difficult time not looking at it? **ignore poor grammar** Well Sarah of Narcoleptic in a Cupboard made one of those quilts for me! Check this baby out….

That beauty was created from bee blocks….amazing right?!? I love the nontraditional layout of course, quite fitting for a nontraditional lady (I sure use that term quite loosely – hehehe). Lovely quilt from a lovely lady. This quilt can be found in the Favorite Group or Bee Quilt category.

I have been in the great debate about buying this next pattern ever since laying eyes on the next quilt! I would love to see it in two other colors like maybe red & gray, or yellow & gray…ooo or maybe blue & yellow…but I digress!! This next quilt was made by Lindsey of Happier Than a Bird Quilts. Love, Love, Love this quilt!!!!! This gorgeous quilt is found in the Favorite Two Color Quilt category.

Now, Vicki of Quilting Lodge I don’t know personally but I do love her quilt….so pretty! It is part of the Favorite Applique Quilt category. B.E.A.utiful….

The quilting is pretty cool too….she quilted it herself on her Gammil – I might be a bit jealous!

Y’all hear me talk about this next chick all the time (mostly good things)….Susan of Canadian Abroad! She is one radical lady…with a couple pretty gnarly girls too! Well, finally someone other me and couple of her bloggy friends have recognized her amazing stitching talent and her quilt made it into the Favorite Hand Quilted Quilt category. I won’t rattle on endlessly about the quilt, instead I will just show you a picture of it and let you be the judge….

Amazing right? I know!!! Remember I said there were a few of Susan’s bloggy friends who recognized her talent? Well, Sarah (mentioned above) is one of them, as is Hadley of Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle. Coincidence they were all three nominated? Nope….talented people gravitate toward other talented people (still trying to figure out why they all like me ;-P) Hadley’s quilt is in the Favorite Doll/Mini Quilt category and it is another stunner – boy that lady can really pump them out! I think she finishes more quilts than anyone I know – except maybe Leanne!! Here is Hadley’s quilt:

That quilt has some of my favorite fabrics in it!!!

Well there you have my favorites in this year’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival….please go and vote for your favorite (notice I didn’t ask you to vote for my favorite – that is not what voting is all about – oh wait here we go….my political views are coming out…sorry!!!)

Have a great voting day y’all!!!



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  1. Isn’t it so hard to pick favorites? There are so many fabulous quilts in the festival. I really love the hexie quilting on Susan’s.
    And if you make Drunk Zebra in other colors you MUST share! I am working on a new version right now, and I am so excited! It is going to be very different. (Oh and the pattern is on sale through Craftsy for $4 through the 9th…)

  2. And of course your favourite in the art quilt category is my dogs one, right? 😛

  3. Awwww thank you x my quilts just awesome cos some of it was done by Susan and Hadley!
    ps “Loosely”? You can loosely kiss my ass, flasher 😉

  4. Thank you my friend – it’s such a wonderful competition to have made the final of!!

  5. Oh you don’t half know how to make the lot of us smile! Thank you so much Rhonda – and you are our friend because you belong smack dab in the middle of our group. You are one of us!

  6. Thanks so much!!! xxx

  7. There was such a super selection! I cast my vote 🙂

  8. i voted! i hope it counts this time! 😉 xo

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