…is a question I am often asking. I know that may sound odd but let me try and explain. See that list on the right-hand side (down toward the bottom)…it’s title is “One UFO At A Time”. Well, I often wonder “WHEN did I start that?” Here are a couple finishes that I may or may not remember starting. Regardless they are done…more whens to follow…

This was started last year during my tutorial for the DUO QAL. I have one more to finish up for the QAL (only a year later – not too bad) hehehe.


My daughter picked the fabrics for this when she first started school (needless to say her tastes have changed. I also used this quilt to learn how to use a long arm machine. We will use it for picnics, football games, and for the grands to play on – exactly what quilts are meant to be used for, well some of them.


…..I am ticking things off the UFO list, I get very excited!!! I may and may not have bought a certain bundle of FQs as a reward…**Cheesy grin**

….did my children become adults or children in adult bodies? And…does that make me old?

…..did I put on all this weight? OMG I feel so uncomfortable!! I know I could diet, exercise or whatever the young kids are callin’ it these days *cough* Nicke *cough* but I don’t like sweating….it’s just that simple…is there no other way?

….I grow up I want to be a kid! Oh wait…I still am every time I am in the room with this beauty….

Minnie Mouse for Halloween 2012

Up Close

Making a Wish…”I Wish I could see my Nana”

I will be back soon…maybe with another finish!

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