….ever said to “Grow old gracefully” must have been young!

….invited old man winter to the party? I hate being cold!!!! BRRRRR


……has big plans for tonight? It is Saturday after all! At least that is what my teenager tells me….like I care. I will probably be in bed by 9 after cleaning, sewing, and napping before bed. Seriously!


….has seen the A.MA.Zing fabric line named Simply Color? OMG!!!! I need to have it allllllll. Alllll of it I tell you! I need it all! I love it! Ombre, chevron, diamonds, dots, floral….oh my! I am seriously in love. I want the FQ set so badly….it’s only $125 **gasp**! I am still trying to justify that in my head! I will let you know when I figure that one out!


…..wants to donate to a good cause (see above)?


….wants a giveaway? Oh heck why not?! No reason just because! I think I have some FQs to give away (not sure what fabrics they will be yet) and some Swatch Buddies. Check out Rafflecopter below (please note it only runs for 24 hours)


….is in the mood for a quickie? (see previous)


…..wants to see another picture?


You thought it was going to be one of Callee didn’t you?


a Rafflecopter giveaway



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  1. I’m up for a mystery give away! Thanks, Rhonda.

  2. Oops, ignore that last one – it didn’t have a rhetorical question. Let’s see…
    Can we ever have too much fabric?

  3. Bed by 9 sounds good to me! Let me know how you justify the full set!

  4. Whoops. I did do the rhetorical question either!
    Do I mind that I set my alarm for 6.15 on Saturday morning by accident?

  5. Hi Rhonda. I don’t know why entering was so confusing for me. I guess I was supposed to ask a rhetorical question. Hmmm…Whoever said money can’t buy happiness was shopping at the wrong fabric store.

  6. That probably wasn’t a question so I should just go to bed now. I would love to know if/how you justify that wonderful bundle.

  7. This is a silly post, but I love that fabric. I have some charm squares, and they are lovely.

  8. Now I see I have to ask a question, Who said that entering giveaways was easy?

  9. Can you ever have too much fabric?

  10. What’s the point of life without fabric ??

  11. Why does it always rain at the weekend

  12. Heya! Why does my butt only fit in the pants that aren’t suitable to be seen in public?

  13. Love them and I am badly waiting to order them. It would be much better to win them but I WILL HAVE THEM NO MATTER HOW!!!!

  14. You are too funny! I love a simply Colour too, but can’t see it in my future – maybe a few FQs but not the whole line unfortunately. Hope you get you whole bundle. You deserve it!

  15. I have given up trying to justify any thing I do any more I don’t know or care why there are 3 compressers, 17 saws, 2,000,000 screwdrivers 16 welding sets and numerous other things that most people would only need one of where I should be able to park my car. I don’t ask why we need them so I figure I don’t have to explain why I buy any amount of fabric. As for my question……You do want leftovers for dinner, don’t you?
    Thanks for the chance in the giveaway.

  16. One of my favourites is ‘ are you going out dressed like that?’ Yes I do have teenage children!!

  17. Is the fact I need to get up to wee twice every night practice for the sleepless nights when the baby arrives?!

  18. If you go to Katy’s latest post (http://imagingermonkey.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/whats-new-american-pussycat_10.html) there’s a code for 15% off bundles at Pink Castle fabrics…and they have a FQ bundle of Simply Colour *wink*

  19. Dont’ you just love it??

  20. Is there such as too much fabric?

  21. I think I really need the three bundles of fabric that are in my online shopping cart right now, don’t you? πŸ™‚

  22. I like this one: Is there ever enough fabric?

  23. Do you think this has too much chocolate in it?

  24. It’s on sale, do I need more fabric?

  25. Tip: There is a 20% off coupon for the Fat Quarter Shop in the latest issue of Fat Quarterly. That brings that bundle to an even 100. Easy to justify then: Moda fabrics don’t get reprinted and at $100 it’s practically free! You’d be silly not to…

  26. Do people actually read the Rafflecopter questions!!? See above!

  27. I LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEE this line. The weird thing is, though, that you need the entire line. Just 3-5 prints alone look funny. You are going to need the entire FQ bundle, then. πŸ™‚

  28. Could it be any harder to come up with a rhetorical question?

  29. A comment…… you’re mad! But fun!

  30. Why do I like brownies but not chocolate cake?

  31. Who doesn’t like chocolate or fabric?

  32. Can you eat too much cake while shopping on the internet for fabirc?

  33. manybooks (Linda) says: Reply

    How many blogs on the Google Reader are too many? I love them all! πŸ™‚

  34. No, no, it’s grow old DISgracefully πŸ˜‰

  35. LOL ive dont that with a thong. LOL never again.

  36. i am always up for a quickie! πŸ˜‰ xo

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