….ever said to “Grow old gracefully” must have been young!

….invited old man winter to the party? I hate being cold!!!! BRRRRR


……has big plans for tonight? It is Saturday after all! At least that is what my teenager tells me….like I care. I will probably be in bed by 9 after cleaning, sewing, and napping before bed. Seriously!


….has seen the A.MA.Zing fabric line named Simply Color? OMG!!!! I need to have it allllllll. Alllll of it I tell you! I need it all! I love it! Ombre, chevron, diamonds, dots, floral….oh my! I am seriously in love. I want the FQ set so badly….it’s only $125 **gasp**! I am still trying to justify that in my head! I will let you know when I figure that one out!


…..wants to donate to a good cause (see above)?


….wants a giveaway? Oh heck why not?! No reason just because! I think I have some FQs to give away (not sure what fabrics they will be yet) and some Swatch Buddies. Check out Rafflecopter below (please note it only runs for 24 hours)


….is in the mood for a quickie? (see previous)


…..wants to see another picture?


You thought it was going to be one of Callee didn’t you?


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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