…Do doctors schedule so many appointments at one time? They can’t possibly see all of us simultaneously (guess where I am).

…. Do I miss my granddaughter so much more than my I ever did my children? Is it because I know I can send her back to her parents after I’ve had my fill (couldn’t ship my kids off when they got on my nerves)?

…. Is the president selected by electoral votes instead of popular vote? This is a rhetorical question… Please don’t answer it!

….. Am I still waiting for a person I am PAYING? This is ridiculous!

….. Are teenagers so temperamental? I never dress right, and do my hair right, or even tweet the right things….. But then again my main goal in life is to raise a beautiful, polite, intelligent young lady and I did that (even though she is temperamental and her momma dresses funny).

…. Didn’t I eat lunch? I am starving!

….. Don’t I share another picture of Callee since the rest of this post is all about my ramblings…


This photo was taken by my best ie in Michigan because she was having dinner with both our granddaughters. Is that fair? No! It is not!

Well I don’t think I have my signature on my phone (which is where I am posting from). So I will end with a simple…..


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