…Do doctors schedule so many appointments at one time? They can’t possibly see all of us simultaneously (guess where I am).

…. Do I miss my granddaughter so much more than my I ever did my children? Is it because I know I can send her back to her parents after I’ve had my fill (couldn’t ship my kids off when they got on my nerves)?

…. Is the president selected by electoral votes instead of popular vote? This is a rhetorical question… Please don’t answer it!

….. Am I still waiting for a person I am PAYING? This is ridiculous!

….. Are teenagers so temperamental? I never dress right, and do my hair right, or even tweet the right things….. But then again my main goal in life is to raise a beautiful, polite, intelligent young lady and I did that (even though she is temperamental and her momma dresses funny).

…. Didn’t I eat lunch? I am starving!

….. Don’t I share another picture of Callee since the rest of this post is all about my ramblings…


This photo was taken by my best ie in Michigan because she was having dinner with both our granddaughters. Is that fair? No! It is not!

Well I don’t think I have my signature on my phone (which is where I am posting from). So I will end with a simple…..



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  1. Ok… There are a couple typos but not too bad for typing on my phone and posting from my phone. The I will fix that stuff tomorrow…. Maybe!

  2. You choose a president for his good looks and comic timing, not one who’s name rhymes with sh*t! The rest, I have no answer for πŸ˜‰

    1. This comment literally had me Laughing Out Loud!!!!

    2. OMG Headley, You’re just too funny!

  3. I actually have a professional friend who started making a bill for the doctor for her wait, since she is a consultant her time really is money.

    Needless to say after she presented her doctor with a bill for the last time and told him he could expect a bill for the current time also they made sure that the doctor was ready to see her when her appointment actually was after that. They never did pay her for her time though! πŸ˜€

    1. I never understood what’s the point of making a patient to have an appointment and then make them wait for 45 min or more. Specially with kids. The first time I went to the doctor in the US was with an 18 mo baby who had fever and they made us sit there for an hour waiting for the doctor. WTF??? I was so pissed if it was my kid I would’ve just walked out never going back. How dare someone even if it’s a doctor waste someone’s time and instead of healing making the kid to get into an even worse condition. Shame on them that’s all I can say about it!
      Callee is such a cutie! It’s so thoughtful of them putting the sign up taking the picture to cheer you up πŸ™‚
      You’re not dressing funky. They are! She’ll realize it later πŸ™‚ And I love your hairstyle. How weird you’d look if you’d try to dress like your daughter? I think that would be totally wrong and She’d laugh about you. Tell Her that!

  4. You are too funny! Love that photo though. And all mum’s dress funny unless they are the ones who like to go clubbing with their daughters and that is just wrong!

  5. I feel where your coming from especially having three teenagers of my own. You are spot on with the doctors..obviously the same every where. Your post did give me an early morning giggle probably because I can relate to all of this soooo easily.

  6. lol! you are so great rhonda!

  7. I hate waiting at the doctor’s office too…especially when I am supposed to arrive at mine 15 min early or risk getting my appointment cancelled, yet, it never fails that someone who is ahead of me arrives late and is seen first…and this is at a pediatric clinic!

    And, I think it is a right of growing up to wear whatever you want, instead of what is the coolest.

  8. Hope your day improved.

  9. We don’t have to pay the doctor, and normally there is seldom a long wait either, our health care system is really very nice. And he won both the popular vote and the electoral votes too, and I am sure glad. I hope your day was better after that, we have been having a snow storm.

  10. As for the doctor thing,……time to find a new one. You will be glad you did. I am in the front door, signed in , checked in, seen by the doctor, checked out all in less than 30 minutes. The way it should be. At the last doctors off, if I had to wait for more than 15 minutes past my appointment, I would ask if the doctor had an emergency today or not. If they said no, I would tell them MY appointment was 15 minutes ago, and my time is just as important as the doctors time he is charging me for. After 15 more minutes I would walk out of the office. I didn’t do that too often as I found me another doctor that values your time like they do their own.

    As for the voting thing…………..exactly!!!!!

  11. Doctors here don’t normally do appointments at all. You just roll up and wait!

    My friends and family now have grandchildren, and they seem to enjoy them far more than their own children. I now have grandparent envy – they tell me that there is a scheme here for formally adopting a grannie!

  12. Hi ! Rhonda , those Quilts are wonderful . Little baby Callie is growing into a dear little girl she is a cutie.
    Doctors not my favourite people of late .The Medical Centre where I go is never on time waiting for 2 hours to see the Dr. Went to get some test results and haven’t got them yet as I couldn’t wait any longer.
    I now have a teenager(14) living with us our Grandaughter .Are they things I will be looking foreward to? haha

  13. You’re so funny! Why don’t I unload the dish washer immediately after it’s done? I know there are more dishes piling up next to it….

  14. grandchildren are the reward for putting up with your own kids. Ha! Ha! They are special, aren’t they?

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