Giveaway Day


It almost slipped by unnoticed! I have been down for the count since last Wednesday…that’s right y’all…sick & in bed. Not a stitch sewn! BUT I am back today…well, truth be told yesterday was my first day back but I had so much to do around the house I couldn’t even think about the blog – ladies, you know what that is like, right?!?!

Are y’all ready for it? A day of giveaways? Exciting right? You know what this means? It means that families and homes all over the world are going to be eating take out, not being swept, and generally all around ignored. I even dare say some jobs will be put on the back burner for the next week or so. We have giveaways to enter after all….do you have a strategy? Is there a plan like on Black Friday? hehehehe

Well, my offering to you is a FQ Bundle called Gap Rainbow. You can purchase your own (if you need one right away) at Fluffy Sheep Quilting. This is a bundle I created during a contest Cindy (the owner) had “way back when”. I didn’t win but I still think it is an attractive and useful bundle. It is all Kona Solids. Here is a shop pic (as it is on standby for you):

Stolen from the Fluffy Shop

Entering is simple – leave a comment telling me what you think you might make with this beauty of a bundle if you win. I have ordered one for myself so I might be fishing for ideas. Have fun entering all the giveaways. You have until December 7th to enter this one!

Thanks y’all!


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  1. I would make a modern quilt!

  2. I’ve been thinking I want to make an all solids quilt. Don’t know what pattern I would use, but if I had this lovely stack it could inspire me to choose one and get started. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Some day…I’m going to make a quilt with a collection of fabric I have here…and those solids would coordinate perfectly. I think I’d include them in the quilt. =)

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Have a nice week.

  4. When I was on holiday, I saw a mosaic that I want to make into a cushion (pillow). These solids would be just right for it.

  5. Love this bundle – I would make the Hexie quilt from Jeni from In color order.

  6. It might make a beautiful modern baby quilt. I have a cousin-in-law that is pregnant Shhhhh nobody is supposed to know.

  7. I would use some for EPP and the rest in a quilt. A fun, colorful quilt for my cousin’s newly adopted daughter!

  8. Sew pretty!!! I would use it for a bright baby quilt!!

  9. I would make a ‘Super Nova’ quilt from the ‘Quilting Modern’ book!

  10. I would use it to make one of those awesome color wheel quilts I have seen or to make a prism quilt.


  11. I would make a bright pinwheel quilt.

  12. Love the colours, Rhonda! I would thing about doing something with equilateral triangles. You know me and loving my bright stuff, this would be perfect. Thanks for the chance you!

  13. I’d work through some kind of “Over the rainbow” theme with curved peicing.

  14. Sweetest fabrics.I `d make a stunning dresden plates quilts.

  15. I would love to use these as the centers for a quilt as you go project that I have been eyeing!

  16. I’ve never sewn a solids only project so this would be a great starting point..maybe a bunting quilt thanks for the chance to win

    1. I have an ideA for a stained glass solids bag. This would be perfect

  17. I think it would be a quilt involving flying geese…not sure whether they’d be flying in a straight or curvy line or even a circle but there’d definitely be geese in it somewhere! Thank you!

  18. Allison Gougeon says: Reply

    I would make I spy quilts for my grand kids. Thanks for a chance.

  19. Definitely a rainbow-ish baby quilt! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  20. it’s a really pretty bundle. i think i would combine the brights with some neutral text fabrics and go with a flying geese quilt.

  21. I would use it with my scraps to make some log cabin squares. Thank you!!

  22. ooh – a warm / cool chevron quilt!

  23. I have had a plan to make a quilt as you go piece and these would look fantastic as the centers.

  24. A spectrum quilt would be amazing!

    bdoody11 at yahoo dot com

  25. It would be fun to make a stars quilt using solids!

  26. That fabric would be a great start for a color wheel all hanging for my sewing room.

  27. I’d have to let my nine-year-old decide – she’s my rainbow girl! Such a pretty stack though – you should have won with that bundle of happiness!

  28. A rainbow mini quilt!! 🙂 Yummy!

  29. I think these lovely bright colours would make some eye catching bags for the summer.

  30. I would make cute patchwork zipper pouches and/or maybe try out some more paper piecing patterns. I’m hooked on both right now!

  31. I’m seeing circles on a white background….random sizes scattered all over. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  32. I have a few quilts in mind and these colors would really make them pop and come to life! Thank you for a chance to win. Wishing you happy Holidays!

  33. I think I would use it as spacing material in the ABC quilt I am working on!

  34. I’ve just ordered a quilt pattern that uses solids as the main fabrics so I’d use it for that! Thanks for the give away!

  35. I think I’d cut them with my Go into 3″ tumblers. Those would make an awesome baby quilt with the tumblers!

  36. I’d probably tie it in with some pretty prints, though I do love a good solids quilt.

  37. I’ve been wanting to make a Granny Square quilt and this bundle would fit in nicely 🙂

  38. I don’t know what I would make, it would need to marinate in my stash for a while.

  39. Gidget Shenefield says: Reply

    Wonderful! I would use for a bright baby quilt.

  40. This would definitely be added to the pile of fabrics for a color wheel quilt. Thanks for the chance.

  41. Hey Rhonda! I think I’d use this bundle for a solids quilt I’m planning for my daughter 🙂

  42. I would probably use them for a Mariner’s Compass Pillow

  43. Love the bright colours and I would probably make a pillow cover or maybe a mini quilt.

  44. Leslie Millrod says: Reply

    I love rainbow so I’d probably use solid locks wrapped in a neutral to go through a color progression. Thanks for sharing!

  45. I would probably make a tote bag with them.

  46. Just the other day, I looked at a pattern and said, “Oh, this would be fun to make in solids.” Now I just have to remember what it was! Hope you are feeling better. there are a lot of nasty bugs going around this year.

  47. I think I’d use it to make some quilts I’ve been hoping to do for my daughters using their old baby clothes.

  48. Honestly im not sure. But I may pair each up with a print and design a quilt around the pairings or make another Swoon.

  49. A city block quilt for my kids to play on. The colors are great!

  50. I’d love to win this and make some cute hot pads and a matching patchwork apron!

  51. I might make some cute little bags.

  52. Thanks for the giveaway! I’ll probably do an all-solids quilts.

  53. deborah b. in AZ says: Reply

    i think i would make some kind of rainbow applique wallhanging quilt for my girls’ room. i have some solid white to use for the background! thanks so much.

  54. Sorry you have been sick! Hope you are feeling much better. What a fun square in a square rainbow quilt it would make~ or flying geese in a circle! My head is just spinning with ideas~ thanks for the chance!

  55. I have interest in making a solids only quilt, and these would be perfect. Not sure on the design though!

  56. I’ve seen your bundle on Fluffy Sheep Quilting! I would make a chevron background in the blues and purple, and then randomly dot various sized hexie flowers made from the yellows, red, and pink!! was feeling very non-creative today until I came upon your bundle again 🙂 thanks!

  57. I would love making a Sunshine and Shadow wall hanger with it for my daughter bedroom.


  58. this would be fun for a rainbow cathedral windows pillow or mini quilt!

  59. I would make a wall hanging. We live in earth quake territory, so I don’t want anything hanging over the head of my bed that might potentially end up on *my* head. And those beautiful cheery colors would brighten these gloomy winter days.

  60. I might add some grey and make a quilt!

  61. I’d make a quilt. I’m into solids mixed with blacks and whites right now.

  62. I would love to make lots of gift bags that my daughter can decorate.

  63. I’d make a new miniature quilt. Such rich vibrant colors!

  64. I’d probably use them in clothes along with print fabric I have 🙂

  65. I would make an all solids quilt! I love these colors!!

  66. Cushion covers, you can never have enough. Thanks!

  67. A paintbox quilt for my daughter who loves rainbow colors!

  68. I’d love to make a modern Amish quilt with these bright solids

  69. A Kaleidoscope quilt….

  70. maybe a quilted new bag for me.

  71. Fabulous bundle!
    I’s most likely make a quilt or pair it up with some prints in the stash for baby dresses.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  72. Tis a fab bundle, almost as cool as that other bundle, the mojitos and pina coladas one, you know… 😉 I’d use it for a couple of pillows, with FPP rainbow stars or summit like that. Sorry you’ve been ill, do bugs spread thru skype? it was after our last chat I was ill for 5 days!!! Get better soon love. x

  73. I think I’d make a fun solids quilt!

  74. I’d make a couple of Dresden pillows with these pretty colors…thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  75. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt with all solids for a while now! 🙂

  76. I’d mix in a few prints and do a rainbow strip quilt!

  77. They would go great with a couple of projects I am working on. Always have a few to finish.

  78. They’d definitely coordinate with a few fabrics I have that I’d love to use them with!

  79. I just saw one that had multi coloured circles on a solid background, these would be perfect! Thanks for the chance!

  80. working on a wall hanging for my kitchen….

  81. I’m not sure I’d make just one thing with it, I’d probably use them all in different projects

  82. I would use it to make a quilt for a dear friend of mine. Thanks for the generosity! =)

  83. I just love solids. I’ve been meaning to revisit a few blocks I made for a solids group in a bee a few months ago. My daughter would love a quilt with these rainbow colors.

  84. I would love to make a quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. I would love those solids to start on a “modern” quilt

  86. I’m kind of scared of solids, but I would try to make an improv mini. Hope you feel 100% again soon xxx

  87. I would make a quilt with this pretty collection.

  88. A quilt from City Quilts. I love that book!

  89. Clothes for my kids !
    Have a nice christmas time…

  90. Rainbow hexagon table runner

    Thank you!
    Jess in ON
    jess [dot] whyte at that gmail place.

  91. They’ll definitely get incorporated into a quilt for my youngest. I’m still in the planning stages.

    limor477 at aol dot com

  92. This is something I have to think for a longer time. I always wanted to make a quilt out of solids and my girls love pink and purple. This bundle would be perfect and gets a big pop up with the blues. No pattern, lots of hst or squares put in place by the girls. This would be fun 🙂

  93. What fun colours! I think they’d make a lovely rainbowy baby quilt.

  94. I’d make an all solids quilt. These colours are beautiful!

  95. Maybe a chevron quilt?

  96. a quilt of course! I might combine with prints but I love solids

  97. I would probably make a lot of ornaments for my friends/family!

  98. I have a stack of black and white fabrics that I’m hoping to pair up with some bright solids for a quilt top and these woudl be perfect. Thanks for the giveaway.

  99. Oh it reminds me of summer and ice cream this bundle…and bubble gum…

  100. I think your custom bundle would go great for a modern sampler quilt, paired with kona medium grey or even slate! It would also be great for a mass of New York Beauty blocks, with or without text prints mixed in! Thanks and happy hopping!

  101. Beautiful!! I would make a modern mini quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  102. jen thomlinson says: Reply

    i’d use it with some of the prints in my stash to make dresses for my girls

  103. ohhh a colour wheel quilt, gorgeous

  104. Gorgeous fabrics! I’d use them to make an Irish chain with white or snow Kona as a background. Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. I would combine them with some fabrics I already have to make some fun items for a baby that’s on the way!

  106. Oh, looks like we had the same idea for giveaway day! Love some colorful solids for quilting basics!

  107. Chevron quilt all the way, for me! It would look good made with either white or black. Thank you for the nice giveaway. 🙂

  108. I’d pair them with gray and make Supernova blocks. I kind of do things backwards; I see how many blocks I can get from my fabrics and then decide if they will be a quilt or what, because I’m usually working from my stash.

  109. Oooh, they’re lovely! I think they’d look great mixed with some prints in a quilt. Thanks for the chance to win them!

  110. This would help me finish up multiple projects, including a baby quilt that’s a gift. Thanks for the chance!

  111. these colours would slip nicely into a quilt I have planned, thanks for the giveaway!

  112. Oh man, I love solids. Thanks for the great giveaway.
    I would be making a quilt for my 11 year daughter with those lovely fabrics.

  113. I don’t want to win b/c that would just be silly. I just wanted to chime in and say how much I love this bundle. It catches my eye every time I pass it in the shop. Gorgeous combo, Rhonda! xx

  114. I would definitely make a quilt. I love this bundle.

  115. barbara woods says: Reply

    i havne’t got any solids and really need this thanks

  116. I might make a quilt. Sorry to be so unspecific.

  117. A hexi quilt would look striking in this bundle. Feel better 🙂

  118. Very pretty collection. I have never made a quilt out of all solids. I might just try it.

  119. What fabulous colors! I’d like to make a pinwheel quilt – not sure on the exact pattern though… Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  120. Oh, oh, rainbow pinwheels!

  121. I love making bags.

  122. Great giveaway! I’d use these lovely colors to make some bags.

  123. I’ve created a lot of quilts lately so no doubt this gorgeous bundle would be incorporated into one of my projects! <3
    BendingPins (at) (

  124. I’d love to use it for making bags or pouches… lovely fabric colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

  125. I would make a modern pattern quilt for my teenaged daughter – she would love the bright and cheerful colours!!!

  126. I’d use it to beef up my stash of solids (which is currently VERY sad!)


  128. Beautiful stack of fabric! It’s begging to be made into a quilt-I’m thinking with diamond shapes. Lovely!

  129. Maybe a log cabin quilt. It would look great in those bright colors!

  130. I think I’d use the fabric to coordinate with prints I have and make bags. Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. I am itching to do more hexagons… Thanks for the giveaway.

  132. I’d make some pillow covers.

  133. Linda Boerner says: Reply

    Those are really nice, bright colors. Know just which pattern to put them in if I’m lucky enough to win.
    Thanks for the give-a-way. Merry Christmas everyone.

  134. Jenny Faasavalu says: Reply

    I would make a spring runner for my kitchen table. 🙂

    Love your podcast/blog, Rhonda!

  135. I would use them to make a rainbow and white hst lap quilt. Something festive for Springtime. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  136. i ‘d make a colourful cotbed quilt and a few cushions 🙂

  137. These colors would make a great bag!

  138. I’ve never made a quilt totally from solids…so I think that would be the best use of these beauties! Thanks for the chance to win and own them!

  139. I like having solids handy for appliques! Thanks for the giveaway!

  140. My Gosh, I would do so much with it. Include it in a baby blanket, work on some UFO’s………………………

  141. I would use this for my Yahoo group, World of Charity Stitching, where we make lap quilts, tote bags, wheelchair/walker bags, and many other items for senior citizens and children.

  142. some paper piecing perhaps:)

  143. Luv these brights. I think journal covers would be great or a table runner.

  144. I would use it in a rainbow style baby quilt with a white background. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

  145. Hi! I’d start one of those quilts with flying geese in a circle in each block!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!, Leslie

  146. A baby swoon quilt would be fun! Thanks for the giveaway

  147. Ooh fab giveaway – thank you!

    Would love to see these solids making some beautiful bright stars!

  148. Gorgeousness! I have a bee block due that these fabrics would look beautiful in!

  149. semiorganizedchaos says: Reply

    wow, that is a beautiful bundle! i think it’s screaming “kid quilt!”

  150. Lovely colours, I would add a few neutrals and make a random layout HST quilt – it’s been on the list for some time now…

  151. These are such beautiful colors! I would love to make some cute striped pencil bags with these.

  152. Not entirely sure but something improv and modern

  153. I really want to make a color wheel SOMETHING in the new year. This would be a great start!

  154. I’d make a quilt of chevrons – seems to be the in thing

  155. I don’t have a lot of solids yet, but I am slowly working my way towards a rainbow. I have a few modern quilt patterns on my list that need some solids so I would put these towards those!

  156. I am so glad you are feeling better. That bundle is beautiful, I would make something fun, maybe a quilt. Thank you for the chance to win.

  157. I want to make a “Learn Your Colors” book for our niece and nephew, using scraps bordered by solids. These cheery solids would be perfect!

  158. Gorgeous fabrics that would lend themselves to something very modern, not sure what design but definitely modern.
    Thank you for the chance.


  160. Joyce Mitchell says: Reply

    I’d make a modern throw quilt, maybe something from Fat Quarterly. Thanks for the chance to win.

  161. That stash of fabric looks like a bundle of happy candy! I think I would make a new cover for my beanbag – a happy ‘jump on me’ cover!

  162. Maybe a rainbow string quilt???? not sure. I don’t have any solids and these would be a good start of them. Thanks for chance to win. Nancy James

  163. I would love to mix these with some of my other fabrics and make a quilt for my mom or sister. Better yet, mix these with white fabric and go for something modern.

  164. Perhaps an hour glass quilt. Very beautiful 😀

  165. That would make such a pretty rainbow skirt for the girls! Thanks for the giveaway!

  166. Melissa Williams says: Reply

    Those blues would make something pretty together, perhaps a chevron tote.

  167. I have wanted to make a bottled rainbow quilt so I might use those for the borders.

  168. Those are so pretty. I have lots of ideas and pins but it is choosing just one that I find so difficult. Definitely a quilt with white!

  169. I would make a few pillows. What a pretty bundle. Thx for the giveaway.

  170. I’d probably use these to balance out some of the patterns in my collection, so they’ll end up in clothes for my daughter.

  171. I would love to make a quilt!

  172. I would make a tumbler quilt and add a few coordinating prints to this stack.

  173. i would make a very modern quilt. thanks for the chance to win

  174. I would love to win some solids! I’m using them in everything these days, especially foundation-piecing patterns from artisania and pink penguin … Thank you!

  175. Maria do Carmo says: Reply

    Gostaria de fazer umas placas de desdren para minha neta,seu berço ficaria lindo e Maria agasalhada,forro de flanela…háaaa como eu gostaria.


  176. obviously it’d go into a quilt, but i don’t know if it would stay together or be spit among other projects!

  177. I’m for sure they would go in a quilt but not sure which one!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  178. Lauren aka Giddy99 says: Reply

    Something fun and modern; maybe that one on the Moda bakeshop which looks like a stack of books on their side!

  179. I’m sure I’d make a quilt. What design remains to be seen!

  180. I’d keep it simple and bright with some patchwork squares.

  181. doll clothes

  182. thank you for the chance to win i see some placemats with that fabric

  183. barbara corbitt says: Reply

    I would do hst with black for an amish looking quilt. Thank you for a great giveaway

  184. I have been wanting to make a square in a square quilt with a grey background, it would be stunning with this bundle.

  185. Oh I’ve been wanting to make a scrappy rainbow quilt.

  186. I would use it for a pieced backyard for an applique wallhanging I’ve been thinking of making.

  187. I’d make a baby quilt! I’m 7 months pregnant and don’t know the gender, so bright rainbow colors would be perfect to make a quilt that works either way!

  188. I’d be quilting them, for sure. I know they’d pop with some white. Thanks so much!

  189. I’d be making a chevron quilt for sure! Thanks for the chance to win.

  190. Oh my, what a lovely bundle! Bright and cheery! Perfect for a quilt!

  191. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt from solids for a while, so this would work perfectly. i love bright colours!

  192. Not exactly what I’d make but it sure would be pretty with these solids!

  193. That’s a great bundle! I really want to make a rainbow mod pop on a sea of text print/neutrals. 🙂

  194. Ooh – great bundle! I’ll be making some bunting to cheer up our home and a set for a pregnant friend.

  195. I would use it mixed with prints in mug rugs and hot pads. Beautiful colours!

  196. I think I’d use it for a modern Hexie pillow

  197. Good morning…I usually do not enter because there are so many comments already but these are beautiful colors and I could not resist. So thank you for a lovely give a way and Merry Christmas. I am planning on doing a Modern quilt starting in January out of all solids and these colors would be lovely to add to it.

  198. I don’t have many solids, so I’d probably use them to fill in on a variety of projects.

  199. I would try a rainbow quilt since I haven’t done that yet. I’m a sucker for solids too. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  200. I have always wanted to make a quilt that followed the colors fo the rainbow and I think this would be just the fabric to use. The hard part would be deciding on a specific pattern.

  201. I am starting a new BOM in January, and these colors looks great!

  202. Ruffled pillows for my daughter!

  203. Jodi Robertson says: Reply

    This bundle screams modern patchwork dress for my little girl.

  204. I need practice quilting ‘negative space’ as Angela Walters calls it. This fabric would be awesome made into a lap quilt and then quilted with a variety of designs. Yahoo!

  205. I think I would make a rainbowy patchwork backpack for my little niece.

  206. I think I’d do a rainbow plus sign quilt


  207. A quilt. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  208. I will make a modern quilt or a skirt for my daughter

  209. What a great bundle! Thank you. It would make a lovely baby quilt. But I would probably put it in my stash and use different ones on different projects 🙂

  210. I think I’d make a lap quilt. Nothing to perk up a dreary winter day than a rainbow draped over the couch! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance – I think it’s a very useful bundle too 🙂

  211. I’ve been wanting to make an all solids half-square triangle quilt. I think these would be nice colors to use for that. Thanks for the chance to win.

  212. I’m working on my first ever quilt…a rainbow I-spy, so this would be perfect! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  213. Connie Jagolinzer says: Reply

    I would combine these beautiful solids with some fun prints for a quilt I am planning to make my newly expected niece!

  214. something bright and cheery for my kids!

  215. I would make a cute little rainbow quilt for my daughter with this bundle

  216. oohhh I would stare at it a while then use it when I need some bright solids to cheer things up! I might even applique some baby grows 🙂

  217. These colors would make a great addition in an Around the World Quilt!

  218. i think that would be a fun geometric quilt.

  219. I would make a half square triangle sampler quilt with some collected prints I have

  220. Wow, what a drop dead gorgeous prize! They would make wonderful centers for a Cathedral Windows type quilt. They would make pretty accents to pillowcases, such as for trim or for the sleeve. They would also make a dramatic contrast to black for a purse or pillow. Geesh, I can’t pick just one!!!

  221. Looove those colors! I have been meaning to make a wall hanging for my daughter’s room. She has a fairground theme.

  222. I want to make one of those random HST quilts

  223. Love the bright rainbow colours! I need to do more quilting with solids so would work towards that.

  224. Make something?! The very idea, I’d just sit and stroke it ;o)

  225. I think a modern triangle quilt made out of only solids would be so cool!

  226. thank you for the chance! I have only recently entered the world of Kona solids. I’m taking a class on thursday night to make my first quilt with solids. So I don’t have a firm plan in mind but there are several quilt patterns in my book (the book required for thursdays class – Modern Minimal) that I would love to try out!

  227. catskillquilter says: Reply

    Love the color combo! I am not sure — maybe a table runner?

  228. always wanted to make a Hawaiian applique quilt

  229. I really don’t know what I would make I have only started collecting solids in the past few months love your choices of colors.

  230. I would make a few colorfull pillow 🙂

  231. Michelle Frame says: Reply

    I will probably use it with other fabric and make skirts for my daughters

  232. It would be great for piloows for my girls room, thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  233. Amish – ish baby quilt

  234. A chevron quilt. Love rainbows! Thanks for the chance to win!

  235. Rag dolls!

    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com

  236. I’d love to pair it with a bright line like Frippery and make a quilt!

  237. I would definitely make my daughter a new pair of rainbow pants. I made her a pair of treasure pocket pants (from Sewing for Boys) with pieced rainbow side panels for her 5th birthday. She turns 6 at the end of December and she’s outgrown the old rainbow pants. A new pair would be a great gift. Thanks! kristie_keely(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  238. I’d match these up with some print brights and make some modern style dresdens.

  239. Swoon blocks for a rainbow swoon quilt!

  240. I would probably make a cute doll quilt for my daughter or a couple of pouches for myself.

  241. Pillows for the children’s hospital. The kids love bright colors!

  242. i will use them to ,make clothes for my tilda’s doll

  243. I would like to make a quilt with star blocks and use any scraps for hexies for a cushion cover.

  244. I would make a doll quilt using half square triangles and I would match those with linen fabric. Thank you?

  245. I’ve got very few solids sitting in my fabric stash so it would go in there for quilt making purposes where I can up I can match it up with complementary fabrics and a pattern

  246. I would love to win so I could make a 100% solid quilt – wonky squares in squares. Yum! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  247. i was thinking stars with white for a bright baby’s room

  248. I want to use it for a babyquilt!

  249. I’ve seen a couple of warm/cool quilts using HST’s that would be really pretty done with solids!

  250. I would love to use it in a quilt! I don’t have enough solids! Thanks for the chance!

  251. Big triangle quilt! That bundle is just screaming to be made into a triangle quilt! I would volunteer to make it happy and sew it up 🙂

  252. I would use it in a quilt

  253. Oh what a gorgeous bundle of goodness! I’d definitely make a quilt! Thanks for the very generous giveaway!

  254. Looks like it will fit right into a pinwheel quilt I am planning.

  255. Lovely! Definitely a solids-only baby quilt.

  256. I like solid flying geese

  257. Always wanted to try my hand at a cathedral window pillow – these might work. Thanks for the chance.

  258. Kathy Zelazny says: Reply

    I’d put it in a quilt! Thanks so much!

  259. I’d add some coordinating prints and make a rainbow quilt.

  260. So pretty! my couch needs new pillows.

  261. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt or some pillows with fun solid HSTs

    starsandsunshineblog at gmail dot com

  262. I would use those in a graphic quilt pattern!

  263. I would love to make a modern quilt for my niece. She is expecting her baby in early February. Thank you for the chance to win.

  264. Quilt with solid HSTs

  265. It’s a gorgeous collection of solids! I’d like to make a log cabin quilt, so at least some of it would probably get cut up in strips to go into that.

  266. I want to make an all solid rainbow-ish quilt.

  267. I think those colors would look good with my collection of terrain.

  268. I’m planning to make The Weekender quilt-as-you-go, and these would mix perfectly with some of the prints I’m using!

  269. This would look so pretty as a triangle wall-hanging. Pick me!!

  270. I think it would be pretty to match each solid with a print and make up a scrappy little quilt.

  271. gisela graeser says: Reply

    i just started again this year after a 16 yr long break
    working on my 6th quilt this year and would love to start number 7.this quilt would be for me since the others were gifts. i was thinking about a star quilt, or spiders web maybe.
    Thank you so much and Happy Quilting.

  272. i would love to make a zig zag quilt (a la crazy mom quilts). the colors would be so cheery!

  273. I’m not sure what I’d make – but I never think to buy solids, so I have very few in my stash. This would come in handy for sure!

  274. I think these would make a great baby quilt and some little pillows! 🙂 Thanks.

  275. I think I’d use the blues in some sort of ombre cloud-themed wall hanging.. and the rest would be mixed in with prints for a quilt. Great giveaway!

  276. I’d make a quilt. Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  277. I would make a quilt…use the solids to coordinate with some prints.

  278. Would definitely use in a Quilt…maybe a Pinwheel, or Tumbler….kinda new to Quilting. Easy one for sure! LOL Looooove the Bright & Happy colors! 🙂

    Thanks so much for chance to win your drawing too! 🙂

  279. Melissa Palmer says: Reply

    I would make it into a cute color-blocked purse. Thanks for the chance! mjp0419 at gmail dot com

  280. I`d use these in some baby quilts and some fun pouches 🙂

  281. I would make a new heat pad cover

  282. Improv block!

  283. I would make a rainbow quilt and add in some more solids.

  284. I think it would be great for a pillow

  285. Hi and thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I think I would make some more dolls – I have been using the pdf tutorials and patterns from Dolls and Daydreams (you can find her on Etsy) to make look-alike dolls for my (extensive) family members! This bundle would help greatly!

    Thanks again,


  286. I would make a fussy cut munki quilt and use these to frame each print, these are gorgeous colors!

  287. I’d do some paper piecing with this beautiful bundle- I’d start with my butterfly pattern and see where I end up.

  288. I’d like to make a mini quilt to hang in my sewing room!

  289. I think that would be great to use for the borders of an I spy quilt. They would go with everything.

  290. I think these’d be a great pinwheel quilt or a nice strip-pieced-quilt. Thanks for the giveaway! adriprints(at)yahoo(dot)com

  291. A supernova quilt

  292. Oooh pretty! I think this is calling out to be summer cushions 😀

  293. i have been wanting to make an all solids quilt – perhaps this would be the start i need. thanks for the giveaway!

  294. Modern wall-hanging quilt! 🙂

  295. I would love to make a color blocked skirt for my daughter, or maybe so new pillows for my bedroom reading area.

  296. What cheerful colors! I am always in need of solids, so I think I would use them to match existing prints I have in my stash in upcoming projects.

  297. Barbara Orozco says: Reply

    I’d add them to my HST collection in order to finally make something with them, I’ve seen awsome HST trinagles layouts, and my HST are shouting to be sewn into something bigger.

  298. Barbara Orozco says: Reply

    I’m a new follower of yours.

  299. A rainbow skirt for my lil girls!

  300. I would use the bundle in the Sugar Block Club of the Month through Stitchery Dickory Dock that I have signed up for the upcoming year.

  301. a rainbow circle skirt for my daughter:)

  302. I’d make a quilt for me! Love the solids. Thanks for the chance!

  303. I’d like to try making a solids quilt, I’ve seen some really beautiful examples and would love to give it a go.

  304. It would make its way into a quilt!

  305. It would probably make its way into a combo of different things. Solids are so useful!

  306. a bunch of different things with other prints

  307. I’d love to make a rainbow postage stamp quilt with these solids.

  308. Lovely bundle. I’d most probably add small amounts of the fabrics to a few different quilts and smaller projects like pouches and bags.

  309. Love Kona solids. I would probably make a quilt from the book “We Love Solids”. I was just looking at it recently, and there were some great quilts shown.

  310. I would love to make a pieced messenger bag.

  311. I want to make a I spy quilt but need some solids to balance it out.

  312. I think it would be really fun as a cathedral quilt.

  313. I’ve been wanting to make a chevron quilt! Thanks for a great giveaway~!

  314. These would be perfect in a quilt design I have in my head! Thanks for a lovely giveaway x

  315. I would use it to make a quilt diva wall hanging.

  316. A butterfly quilt for my daughter. Those are lovely colors all put together.

  317. It looks like most of these colours will work with my Lorax and Dr. Seuss stash.

  318. A fun quilt for my daughter. Thanks!

  319. I would make a modern modified butterfly quilt.

  320. I would love to make an all-solids quilt with it. I’m new to quilting but it would be fun to try to find a pattern with a rainbow feel. Thanks for a gorgeous giveaway!

  321. Some of the blues would probably end up in a blues and greens quilt I’m planning for my husband. Some or all would probably contribute to a scrappy floating triangle that is still in the dreaming stage.

  322. Oh, I love kona solids. At least some of them would end up in an apron set I have plans on making, and more would end up in my hex quilt. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  323. I’d make a quilt or some pillows! I hope you’re feeling better. I feel your pain as I have been sick for the last few days. =/

  324. Bonnie Larson says: Reply

    I would like to make an all solids quilt. Thanks for the opportunity on a great draw and Merry Christmas to you.

  325. I want to make a giant Log Cabin baby quilt from all solids for a friend who is expecting a baby next year.

  326. I’d make some cute summer skirts for my kid!

  327. I like to make purses mostly, these would make some gorgeous solid purses!

  328. I’d use this beautiful fabric in a quilt!

  329. I can see a table runner with that, in the same order you have it in. Nice! Vivian

  330. Laptop and iPad cases

  331. A rainbow ruffle dress for my 6 year old. She would squee!

  332. So cute! I would make a little quilt for my daughter. I love bright, fun colors for her!

  333. I think a rainbow of chevrons.

  334. I keep thinki8ng I want to make a rainbow quilt. This might get me going. Thanks.

  335. I have seen a pattern with pinwheels in these rainbow of colors…migrating from the brightest to the darkest..that is what I would do with this beautiful prize should I be lucky enough to win it! Thanks!
    quiltingnanny(at)yahoo(dot)com (or the google one!)

  336. I would like to make a wall hanging or table runner for spring with these beautiful colors. Thank you!

  337. I would combine this with some cute patterned fabric for matching bib and burp cloth sets.

  338. I’ll be making one awesome-looking lap quilt for someone’s Christmas gift!

  339. I have wanted to try making a ‘modern’ quilt and these fabrics would be perfect with my steel grey!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    ktreve (at) hotmail (dot) com

  340. This would be great for a summer quilt.

  341. I’m really wanting to make a quilt from all solids. This bundle would be great. Thanks for participating in the Giveaway Day.

  342. I would make a half square triangle quilt with white solid fabric added in – love these bright colours! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  343. I have a great rainbow quilt picture somewhere on my computer that I would love to create for a friends little girl who needs to have heart surgery next year. These colours would look perfect in the quilt.

  344. I like a large dose of solids blended with one or two focus fabrics. I have a few fabrics that need some solid borders in simple blocks to make great quilts. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  345. Gorgeous colours! I don’t actually know – I’m a new quilter, and not sure how things go… would have to admire it on the shelf while frantically searching for the perfect pattern! thanks for the giveaway chance!

  346. I love your solids! They would fit perfectly with the baby quilts I make for my nephews!

  347. I’d make a patchwork bedspread with some patterned fabrics as well 🙂

  348. Gorgeous colour choice – I would have to choose between 3 ideas – Wonky stars on a white or dark grey background, maybe Oh Fransson!’s wave quilt or a rainbow fractured Quilt (from Charlotte Newlands Blog – Displacement Therapy, crafting as therapy.
    Thank you for the chamnce to win.

  349. I will probably use it in a quilt, or a journal cover. Thanks for the chance to win!

  350. So sorry that you’ve been sick. It seems like there is a lot of that going around lately. If I am lucky enough to win I’d make an oversized Dresen Plate wall hanging. I’ve been wanting one for a while now and that stack is just what I’d need to do it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  351. i will use them to make persimmon bagssss~

  352. I have very few nice solids in my stash. This is just what I need to remedy the situation!

  353. Rainbow cushions! What a lovely bundle!

  354. I’m not sure what I’d make! Love those colors though – so bright and cheerful!

  355. I would use it with prints from my stash, I tend to buy prints and am in need of solids. Thanks for chance to win.

  356. Oh, pretty. I’d make a lap quilt.

  357. These might be fun to use in a wonky stars quilt!

  358. Pretty bundle Rhonda! But I must admit I think I’d be a little intimidated by all those colours all together. So maybe with lots of black and off whites and text prints… an equiltateral triangles qullt.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  359. As I’m new to sewing, I think I would try a simple block quilt. Love those bright colours!

  360. minus the pink (I have a quite strong aversion against pink) I would use it for a baby quilt – they seem to be always in demand. As you are fishing for ideas for you – somtheing like the Tokyo/London subway quilts on a dark gray background … or a cathedral pillow (I always wanted to try out the cathedral technique)

  361. I would use it for a rainbow peek-a-boo quilt!

  362. Very pretty colour combination! I’d use it in a playmat for my baby son. 🙂

  363. I would may a colorful tote bag!


  364. Ooh! I love those colours! I would definitely make a scrappy improv pieced quilt top for my little ones to cuddle under. They would love it!

  365. I have no idea! Put it with the yards and yards of other fabrics in my stash and see what inspires me.

  366. I think I would make a little lap quilt in all solids and a cuper cute pattern, that would be cool!

  367. I might make a couple of bags to give away… these colors are gorgeous!

  368. I would combine with Grays for a Prism Quilt tha FREsh Lemons designed some time ago.

  369. I need to make some colorful fabric flowers for my granddaughers photojournal.

  370. Wow that’s weird, my first inclination was to give it a big hug… I like using bright solids in small pieces in patchwork purses and pouches, keeps my stuff from looking too busy with all the bold prints I usually opt for. Thank you for the giveaway!

  371. Some rainbow cushions! audiodropzone(at)gmail(dot)com

  372. I would love to use these fabrics in a quilt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  373. I would use these in quilts as I love to use bright prints and these would match beautifully.

  374. umm…… I would use them to make dolls and toys for my kids x

  375. I would use this to make a rainbow quilt of some type – I’m partial to a circle of flying geese albeit that is a challenging pattern for me.

  376. Not only is this a lovely pile of ROYGBIV but I know exactly what I’d do with it. In fact I’ve already started! I’m in a bee called the Fab Bee and my month was a “hundreds & thousands” theme. (Think rainbow sprinkles) If this peaks your interest you can see it in my Instagram feed or on my Flickr page. Thanks for the give-away! berene(at)happysewlucky(dot)com

  377. I would make a large cushion cover, with a seaside theme. I just keep thinking of the seaside when I look at that bundle!

  378. I want to start making Magpie ladys…this is great back ground fabric or hexies.

  379. I love modern contemporary quilts and this would be perfect to incorporate into one.

  380. Not sure what I would make yet!

  381. I am just starting with hexies so I might try making something with them.

  382. Lovely bundle!

    I would use them in a quilt. My stash is really short of solids.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  383. I would love these mixed with grey in a beautiful wall hanging.

  384. I’d use them to make a new quilt for my living room mixing in all of my favorite prints. It’d be bright, cheerful and scrappy!

  385. Stained glass solids pillow. Thanks for the chance!

  386. I’d add it to my stash and use pieces to make various quilts. 🙂 Thanks for such an awesome giveaway! Happy Holidays to you! 🙂

  387. I love making pillows and would like to try a few modern throw pillows if I win!

  388. Oh deer i have to say i’m not quite sure…a pillow perhaps…but i totally love those colors!

  389. Fun! I might mix the solids in with other projects, or maybe make a mini rainbow wall hanging for my girls! Thanks.

  390. I need some solids to use in various projects — buying prints is much more attractive to me! These would surely end up on all sorts of things. Thanks for the chance!

  391. hmm i think i have to mix it in to break some of the fab designs fabrics i have or a rainbow quilt

  392. Travel bags for my nieces and nephews!

  393. I have a 15 month old with a lot of loose toys, I would make up a bunch of very colorful bags!

  394. Jewels Cardosa says: Reply

    I would use the majority of these in my son’s new crib bedding and any left overs will be made into something pretty for my nieces 🙂 Thank you for the chance!

  395. I’m not a quilter and am just learning to sew. I would love these just to add to my stash for when the perfect project pops up. I’m not good at coordinating patters, so it would be great to have solids to work with.

  396. Almost too pretty to use. I would use them for the background of cathedral window blocks!

  397. I think some toy bags or a quilt for one of the wee ones.

  398. Maybe a paintbox quilt?

  399. I see a gorgeous churn dash quilt with this! thanks!!!

  400. I would love to make a rainbow Feliz for my daughter. Maybe some stripey pajama pants if there were leftovers !

  401. It would be perfect as part of quilt I have in mind. 🙂

  402. Alyce Rodriguez says: Reply

    Very pretty colors! Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to use them to make a bag for myself. wonderlandbyalyce(at)gmail(dot)com

  403. I have some baby quilts to make as gifts, these would be lovely, I would like to try triangles, I have soon a few lovely triangle quilts lately and they would be a great skill builder.

  404. I will make a quilt combine with some flowery fabric…

  405. I’ve got an idea for a cushion inspired by the Venn diagram I’d use these for.

  406. I just love putting some white with solids and making simple pinwheel blocks. They make the most cheery lap quilts!

  407. Thanks for the giveaway. I would probably use it to supplement a Spoonflower I Spy quilt I want to make.

  408. A quilt of just solids.

  409. I love solids mixed with prints and I love making quilts! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  410. I really love brights with white, and these would be perfect!! What a lovely collection. Thanks for the chance. (Glad you are feeling better.)

  411. I would use these for tote bags that I make for charity for my Yahoo group, World of Charity Stitching.

  412. I would make a solid quilt.

  413. Amazing giveaway,lovely colors!!!perfect for my daughters blanket.

  414. Maybe a reverse star quilt — stars in white and colorful background!

  415. I think I would like to make a solid colors modern quilt – thanks.

  416. Such bright, fun colors – I’d love to make a purse (or two)! Thanks for the chance to win!

  417. I’d use these to extend my vintage fabric stash. You know, so I don’t have to use all my vintage fabric if I can add some solids to the project.

  418. I can see a bunch of beautiful pillows from this collection!

  419. My 2 year old niece is in love rainbows right now…and I pretty much only make quilts…so, rainbow quilt it is! (or, would be)

  420. Looks delicious, I am thinking an architectural dress of some sorts for my lil’ girl 🙂

  421. I am making a ranibow quilt and these would be perfect, thanks for the chance!

  422. I’m planning a rainbow triangle selvage quilt and these colours would be perfect for the triangle centers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  423. I would love to make a quilt for my niece! She loves rainbow colors! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  424. I’m not sure what I’d make. Depends on what fabrics I have to coordinate!! 😉 probably help with my pillowcase plans though…

  425. I’d use the solids in my I Spy quilt!

  426. There are way too many things I could make with those fabrics! But I think the best option would be a rainbow quilt of some kind. Perhaps big chevrons in each colour. Yes, nice bright and happy! 🙂

  427. No idea what I would make- I might make a lot of stuff! But, ‘cos it is you, I thought I would enter anyway! Sorry you have been on the sick list! Hope you are all better now!

  428. That would make a beautiful quilt, maybe pinwheels.

  429. Oooh… It would get cut up and added to things like reversible baby shoes, zippy bags, and some zipper pouch wallets for my kiddos, among other things. Love those bright colors! Thanks for the giveaway!

  430. My daughter loves rainbows so I think I night make a rainbow wall quilt for her.

  431. It would be perfect for a fun quilt.

  432. I think I would make it into a quilt.

  433. I’d totally make myself a new spring bag!

  434. I’d like to make a trio of pillows, using a combination of patchwork and applique.

  435. I really want to make a modern quilt with only solids…maybe a puzzle piece looking one. Thanks!!

  436. Diana Kastelic says: Reply

    With these beautiful brights, I’d love to try a “Little Twister” quilt, or an easier version: a River Whirl quilt (Connie Kresin’s blog). Cheers, Diana

  437. a baby quilt. I love those colors.
    freesignge (AT) gmail COM

  438. hmm, I was going to say a quilt but actually i think I would make some bold bright bags

  439. I would make a cover for my ereader!

  440. totes!

  441. I would def make myself a zippered pouch out of the purple!

  442. I would make a mini cathedral windows wall hanging

  443. The colors are georgeous! I think maybe an update version of an Amish quilt would look beautiful!

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