Kaylah’s Quilt


……this baby has been a long time coming. I have been saving these t-shirts for quite some time – promising a quilt from them for years. I would sound smart if I said I wanted to be sure to cover all her school years but that would be – well hog wash! In reality, I just never got ’round to it! Regardless, it is done!

It is two sided so that she can have a “pretty” side for her dorm, if she so desires, or a memory side if she is feeling a bit nostalgic. This this is super long as the beds in a dorm are what is referred to as Twin XL. When I was taking pictures of it, I had Kaylah hold it (while ducking behind it) from the deck while I stood in the driveway.

this gives you an idea of where it was hanging and a compare/contrast of both sides
this gives you an idea of where it was hanging and a compare/contrast of both sides

Here is the T-Shirt side…the shirts date all the way back to 2nd grade so about 10 years.

the "t-shirt" side
the “t-shirt” side

The Dorm Side was an interpretation of a picture Kaylah found on Pinterest.

the 'dorm" side
the ‘dorm” side

The quilting was a simple straight line following the chevron pattern. I used a gray, white and pink on the dorm side but a white in the bobbin by the suggestion of the brilliant Michelle! Here are a couple of upclose of the quilting:

upclose of the quilting on the "t-shirt" side
upclose of the quilting on the “t-shirt” side


upclose of the quilting on the "dorm" side
upclose of the quilting on the “dorm” side

Finally I thought it would be fun to include some bloopers of Kaylah holding the quilt:

Kaylah being a monkey - blooper #1
Kaylah being a monkey (using her toes) – blooper #1
monkey girl blooper #2
monkey girl blooper #2
peek-a-boo I see you!
peek-a-boo I see you (what a face)

I don’t normally do this but I think it is high time I start, so I have stolen the layout from Cindy….here’s the deets:

Quilt Stats
Name: The Dorm Quilt
Made for: Kaylah Laws
Fabric: Pink & White Mirror Balls, Kona Ash, Kona White, Old T-shirts
Thread: Pieced with CT Essential Thread Taupe, quilted with a Star Variegated Pink, CT Essential Thread Gray, CT Essential Thread White.
Batting: Warm & Natural 100 % Cotton
Size: 53″ x 92″
Quilting: Straight lines following the chevron
Pattern: t-shirt side sort of made up, dorm side found a picture on Pinterest

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  1. What an amazing quilt and part of mom Kaylah will have with her at college! Beautiful!

  2. It looks stunning, Rhonda! I love the back and that you could incorporate the chevrons in the quilting without marking the whole front. Brilliant idea! 🙂 Now Kaylah has a nice quilt to snuggle under while in college! 🙂

  3. This is fabulous! What a great quilt to take along to college!!

  4. Lovely quilt! and of course you had to wait until you had enough t shirts!

  5. Love both sides! I have so many t-shirts from rowing, it would be great to use them in something like this. I’m afraid to cut them up though!

  6. You are such a good mum! Love the quilt, both sides.

  7. Well done you!! The chevron quilting looks great on the tshirt side!! Really brings it all together! mx

  8. Emily levey says: Reply

    Fantastic! I wish we had shirts like this in the uk for me to make a memory quilt for the girls. It is wonderful.

  9. Explain the t-shirt phenomenon you guys have in the US please!

    Well done – she looks pleased!

  10. great job on a wonderful momento for your daughter

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