WhiteBoard Wednesday


I keep a WhiteBoard in my sewing room with my monthly to do list. As a form of accountability I blog about the status of that list every Wednesday….thus, WhiteBoard Wednesday. Some Wednesdays will even be Wordless WhiteBoard Wednesday!


I am amazed that I have completed so much on my list. I finished the quilting on ReVamp!!! I will share pictures of that when I share the completed quilt. I am working on the binding as we speak. I need to hurry because I only have a few days before the end of the Finish Along Quarter (btw, Leanne needs people to contribute tutorials – if you might be interested, read this).

The mystery quilt is all pieced and ready for layering. Here it is…

mystery top


I didn’t finish all the blocks in the mystery challenge so it ended up being a weird size. It’s ok for a baby quilt, size wise, but I think its a bit dark for a baby quilt. I could put a sleeve on it and make it a wall hanging. It measures approximately 47″ square.

What do y’all think? What would you do with this one? 

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  1. I think that the mystery quilt would be great for a baby, not everyone wants pastels. But it would also make an excellent wall hanging too. I might have to get a whiteboard for my sewing room too, but I will need room for the added in startitis things. Thanks for asking for more tutorials, I still have room for a couple more if anyone is interested.

  2. Have you thought about a light pink border that matches the light pink in the quilt. I like the idea of this as a baby quilt. The quilt blocks will give the baby a lot to look at.

    I like your Whiteboard idea. I just tape up a a memo pad sheet of paper that has my to do items. I think I will have to pick up a whiteboard when I go to Target later this week.

  3. I need to start a list and write it in big neon letters.

  4. I’d vote for turning it into a baby quilt. I’d probably add a top and bottom border of some shade of pink or purple so it would be more rectangle and call it good. Quilt and bind and wait for the opportunity to make some little baby happy.

  5. I’m thinking this not-working out of the home gig is working out pretty good for you. All the things on the board done? You go, girl.

  6. Isn’t it great to cross things off a To Do list? I like the mystery quilt and think it would make a great baby quilt. Who says the all have to be baby-ish?

  7. A baby will never notice the weird size 😉

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