2013 Q3 Plan of Attack

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I cannot believe how short my list is getting!!! I think I can know a few more of these out this quarter. The problem is that the projects that are left are the ones that take the most time. But that’s okay. I can work with that! I have put a month beside them as a sort of guideline for me.

  1. Batik Nature BOM – Top complete/back squares cut (August/September)
  2. Birdie Embroidery – A few blocks done (August)
  3. Amazing Grace  – Top Done (July)
  4. Spring Time  – Top Done (August/September)
  5. Red & White – Top & Back Done (October)
  6. Mystery Quilt – Top Done (August)
  7. Black Monkey – Need to quilt borders, re-stitch back, and bind (September-November)
  8. Large Dresden  – Rip out begun (July)
  9. Penquin Quilt – Pieces cut (October/November)
  10. Duckie Quilt – Need to finish tying & bind (July)
  11. Row By Row – Top Done, needs borders (August/September)
  12. Christmas Quilt
  13. #swoon2013

And then there are the “Monthlys” that are ongoing:

  1. Toes in the Sand BOM- Apr x May x Jun o Jul o Aug o Sept o
  2. MSBee Blocks – Jan x Feb x Mar x Apr x May x Jun x Jul o
  3. Sugar Block Club – Jan x Feb x Mar x Apr x May x Jun x Jul o

If I follow the loose plan above I will be UFO free going into 2014. The only UFOs I should have are the ones I am currently working on which might be #swoon2013 but I would really like to have that on my bed by then – we will see.

Well, there you have my plan of attack for 2013 Q3. Are you linking up?



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  1. Your list is totally dooable, even with summer distractions and such. I am totally getting a white board like you too.

  2. Yeah – glad it is working for you!

  3. awesome list and great goals!!

  4. You’re going to kick this list no problem. I can’t wait to follow along and see how they finish up!

  5. Good luck! I know I won’t be WIP free, as I’ve already missed a few of my deadlines from earlier in the year. Oh well, c’est la vie!

  6. Good luck, I can’t wait to see all these projects!

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