Amazing Grace


This is a finish that was exciting to finish for a couple of reasons. Obviously, one of those reasons is that it is OFF the UFO list – exciting!!! Another reason is that I finally get to gift it to the recipient. Let me give you a little background….

When I was a wee one (less than a year old – almost 43 years ago), a extended cousin of my moms started watching me so my mom could work. Her name was Skippy. If Skippy had to work one of her daughters, just teenagers at the time, would watch me. This went on long enough that I became part of the family. I thought of Skippy and Pappy (her husband) as grandparents. I just loved them. Pappy passed away when I was about 13 and to say it was devastating would be the understatement of the year. It rocked my world to the core – but I am rushing things.

Over the years, our family moved about, had more children (there were 3 after me), BUT anytime I came back to the Cumberland Gap area to visit, the first thing I did was go to Skippy & Pappy’s house!! I couldn’t wait to climb in their lap so I would know all was right with the world.

This continued even as I was adult and started having children of my own. Whenever we would visit the Cumberland Gap area, one of the first stops was Skippy’s house. Of course by this time, I had to fight my children for a spot on her lap but when she hugs me I just knew all was right!

Another VERY IMPORTANT aspect of Skippy & Pappy was that when I lived down here, they always made sure I went to church every Sunday. I remember being a wee one and sleeping on Pappys lap in those old wooden pews. When I was 8 I came to know my Lord & Savior in a very personal way – as introduced to me through these two wonderful people. Then over the years I stepped away from the Lord and lived a less than holy life (and that my friends is putting it mildly). But this never changed the way Skippy treated me, she would love on me, pray for me and tell me she was proud of me even if not proud of my behavior. She always made me feel special. Eventually I came back to live my life with the Lord and I can thank Skippy for this ….

Do you now understand why I made a quilt for a special lady with the words of Amazing Grace on it? Here is a picture of the front…

amazing grace

I got so excited to give Skip the quilt, I completely forgot to take any pictures first. So, I had to go back yesterday and snap a few. Oh yes, we now live in Cumberland Gap, just a few doors down from Skippy and I get to see her all the time. She is the most amazing woman! I know no one else who is the epitome of grace!!

This fabric is some my daughter bought me ages ago, and when she bought it, she bought the panel. I figured I might as well use the panel for the back and guess what….Skippy likes the back better than the front…hehehe…

amazing grace back

I decided to keep the quilting on this very simple, straight lines following different parts of the quilt. I love how it ended up forming little stars in the sashing squares. Also, to add a little something, I did some dense lines in each of the four short borders. I love the lines this created on the back. You can see those if you look closely in the above picture. Here is an upclose of the quilting:

amazing grace quilting

Well that is all the pictures I was able to get. When I went to her house yesterday to get the pictures, she was without power so she put me to work on that problem. She can be quite bossy when she is stressed LOL

Quilt Stats

Name: Amazing Grace
Made for: Bobbie Burchette aka Skippy
Fabric: All unknown as it was a gift many years ago
Thread: Pieced with CT Essential Thread Taupe, quilted with a bright blue ??
Batting: Warm & Natural 100 % Cotton
Size: 54 x 76
Quilting: Diagonal lines to form a grid and then straight lines in the sashing and the borders
Pattern: Quilt Stats

Name: Large Dresden (ever so creative ;-)
Made for: Me
Fabric: Hugs & Kisses by Linda Lum DeBono and Unknown white on white on front, backing is Cheap Talk by Connecting Threads
Thread: Pieced with CT Essential Thread Taupe, quilted with a Star Variegated Orange in bobbin and CT Essentials Thread White on top
Batting: Warm & Natural 100 % Cotton
Size: 30″ square
Quilting: Followed the dresdens to form a star then followed circles and tiny border
Pattern: Copied something I seen in a catalog but made it up as I went along. 
Well there you have yet another finish for Q3 FAL and off July’s list!!!
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  1. 43 years ago you were how old ??!
    beautiful story and a special finish x

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. So many great reminders for me in it. A special quilt for a special person xx

  3. Gorgeous quilt, beautiful story. I hope someday the same kind things will be said of me as you’ve said of Skippy. Makes me want to know her and give her a big ol’ hug!

  4. Gorgeous quilt 🙂
    The first quilt I ever completed went to someone at work I was close too, but she had to retire due to having a really bad stroke.

  5. What a thoughtful and appropriate gift. You are good, and I bet she is still very proud of you.

  6. Aw glad you are behaving! Well done on the quilt – sounds as if she deserves it even if she is a bit bossy!

  7. Skippy sounds like a wonderful lady, and she is also lucky to have you in her life! Beautiful quilt!

  8. Lori Smanski says: Reply

    wow this is lovely. I can so totally see why she loved it. You gave her a love gift. Those of us that know our Lord in a personal way, never stop praying for someone else. We want them to have the same peace and joy and eternal life as we. Bless you and bless them.

  9. What a beautiful quilt and story! Thanks so much for sharing it. What a blessing for you to have an extra guiding star in your life, and a blessing for her to get to see you come full circle.

    Yes, a perfect quilt and name for this special cousin. I know she loves it!

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