Duckie Quilt


This is one of the softest quilt I have ever made….correction….I have ever finished. Let me explain….

This quilt was a collaborative project between my daughter and I – and not by choice on my part!!!

Approximately 7/8 years ago I taught a beginners quilting class at my church (in Michigan). There were several mother/daughter pairs in attendance. My daughter and I were one of them. This quilt was the top my daughter made during that class. Because she wanted it super thick, and she wanted to “do it herself” tying was the best option at the time. Well, eventually it went into a tote and ultimately on my UFO list!

Well, not anymore! Here it is pre-wash…

duckie pre wash

Then it got a bath to make it all squishy or squishier as it was already super soft because it is all flannel and super soft already…

duckie quilt
Those are daughter’s toes poking out the bottom….the least she could do at this point!!

While it is tied you can’t see the threads on the front, we put those on the back. We alternated thread colors on the blocks too because the back is a solid off white the two colors and tails give it a bit of interest….

duckie back

I asked daughter what she was going to do with it now that it is done – she said I don’t know….you finished it, you decide! So, it is awaiting just the right baby!

For now, it is just nice to have all our “ducks in a roll”….

duckie roll


Quilt Stats

Name: Duckie
Made for: a baby
Fabric: assorted flannels from JoAnn Fabrics
Thread: Can’t remember
Batting: High Loft Polyester
Size: 58″ square
Quilting: typed with blue & yellow pearl cotton
Pattern: From a magazine (don’t recall which one)
So hard to fill those bits out when it is an older quilt….phew!!

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  1. I really like the ties on the back. Great idea and well done for finishing it!

  2. Oh how nice to get a long term WiP finished! It looks fab!

  3. Maybe Callie needs this soft and lovely quilt?

  4. I am trying to finish up old projects, too. Great job on the duckie quilt finish! 🙂

  5. Prince George Alexander Louis??

  6. So cute! I always put my ties on the back, gives it a fluffier look, but I so want to cuddle under this one and feel its softness!

  7. Sweet, and I love the way the back looks!

  8. Loving Nicky’s suggestion 😉

  9. HI! Rhonda ,It looks lovely .It is a good feeling getting a UFO finished. Love the duckies and it looks soft and cuddly to snuggle in.

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