Dorothy’s Duckies Must Die


I don’t know about you but every now and then I work on a project and no matter what I do it just seems, WRONG!! Welcome to the DUCKS!!

Dorothy's Duckies must die
A little later on you will understand why I am using such a HORRIBLE picture!!!

From the very first stitch to the last binding stitch this has been the case for this wall hanging! It seems no matter what I do all I see are mistakes!!! I just want to KILL THE DUCKS!!!!

I have to say I REALLY hope my daughter in law wants this thing for Callee’s room and removes it from my home!!! I feel like I owe someone (not sure who) an explanation.

When I first started stitching these ducks I was learning embroidery so I bought CHEAP fabric for the “outside” of the blocks because I figured if I jacked them up I could just toss them and not feel badly. Well cheap fabric doesn’t always play nicely (GRRRRR #1).

After a bit of embroidery experience (about 4 blocks) I switched from these blocks to Callee’s embroidered quilt. This one was placed in a box and became a UFO (GRRR #2).

Youngest child leaves, I stitch to make myself feel better the day I drop her off but mind isn’t really on stitching so EVERYTHING that could go wrong DOES go wrong. (GRRR #3). Things pucker that shouldn’t and so on and so forth!

Oh and then… is time to take pics of the quilt (GRRR #4)!! Due to the colors in the embroidery, there was no way to get a decent picture!! I posted pics on IG with iPhone and that ended up being the best one!! Seriously, look:

Dorothy's Duckies must Die collage

If it wasn’t the glare (in an attempt to get the colors right), then it was the colors or the terrible stitching! ICK!!! So, here is a close up of one of the pics so as to give you a general idea of the quilt:

Dorothy's Duckies must Die close up
Not that you can tell, but the duck is yellow in this one – but not in all!! (GRRRRR)

Well there you have it! It’s not a horrible throw it in the garbage quilt but I certainly don’t love it!!!

EDITED TO ADD: This is part of my Q3 2013 Finish A Long Plan of Attack and therefore I am linking up as a Q3 2013 finish.

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Quilt Stats

Name: Dorothy’s Duckies Must Die
Made for: The Sheer Frustration of it All
Fabric: Cheap Blue Box Store 
Thread: Various 
Batting: Scraps
Size: 26″ square
Quilting: straight-ish lines
Pattern: Birdie Stitches by Little Miss Shabby

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  1. You’ve made it sound like it needs a decent funeral now lol I’m sure *someone* will want it, and failing that, do a giveaway 😀

  2. oh, you poor thing. some projects are just doomed from the start and don’t get better, good for you for sticking it out. wouldn’t know the torture from looking at it.

  3. You are not making much of a case for Callee’s mom to want it, truly it is one of those cases where you know the faults that others won’t notice.

  4. Oh you have made me laugh! So true about cheap fabrics not playing nice, they can be hateful. But truly, your ducks don’t look as bad as you imagine. It is pretty hard to get decent pics of embroidery if the colour of your thread isn’t really strong – my birdie stitches quilt was a similar photography experience – If you really hate it so much, I suggest your let Callee play storytelling with the wee birdies and I’m sure she’ll get hours of fun from it.

  5. You are mad, it looks fine, (without the whiny maker going on and on in the background!!).
    Callee will love to play with it!

  6. Haha what Hadley said! Now wrap it up nicely and tell Callee how much you love her and give it to her! Job done!

  7. I think we have all been there! Good job finishing anyway and I love your stats at the end! 🙂

  8. Sarah @ FairyFace Designs says: Reply

    I’m really sorry but lol (a lot). I think it looks fine, although I do know what you mean about a project you hate working on. I’m pretty sure Callee won’t be examining your stitching in any detail ad will love it!

  9. Oops. But I think you get full marks for effort. Looks good to me.

  10. Aw I think it is cute 🙂 But I totally get why you don’t! I hate it when fabric doesn’t play nice, have learnt that one myself too. It’s amazing how the process can colour the finished item so much in the maker’s eyes!

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