I Am Moving….


Me…not the blog!!! I think it is easier to move houses than blogs…LOL!!!

The husband and I have been looking for quite some time for a different house, and we have finally found one. Actually I think this one found us. Let me back up a bit….

Our current house is not a mansion but it is certainly too big for the man and I. It has a pool (we don’t have anymore kids at home so we don’t use it) a large yard (we are too old to frolic) and a layout that requires you to climb upstairs just to enter the house (let’s face it – too old for that too)…so…we needed a different, older-person home.

As it happens, one of my relative’s renters moved leaving a mess. She doesn’t have the time or the money to fix the problems at the house – enter the man and I. It’s a blessing for all involved. It is certainly an older-person home. It’s a ranch style, minimal yard home. Here are some before pics (keep in mind – our work is cut out for us):

The Sun Room
The Sun Room
Den (love the FirePlace)
Den (love the FirePlace)
Sewing Room - check out that wallpaper!!
Sewing Room – check out that wallpaper!!
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 1 - we have since removed the stinky carpet
Bedroom 1 – we have since removed the stinky carpet
"remodeled" bathroom
“remodeled” bathroom
Living Room & access to basement
Living Room & access to basement (carpet has been removed)

We are over there every day and in the evenings we are packing. Our scheduled move date is November 1st. We probably won’t have all the work done by then but I am okay with that. I just want to have the majority of it done. Maybe?! Oh boy!!!!

Oh and I almost forgot….the best part…..It’s still in The Gap…..YAY!!!!!!!

Well, I gotta run….I’ve got work to do!!!!



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  1. A ranch style house is much nicer, you can avoid the stairs all the time.

  2. Super! I envy you that ranch and the downsizing. Convince my husband for me please!

  3. Congrats! It is a good thing that it is still in the Gap or you would have to change your blog name! LOL!

  4. Very cool! Take care and hope you are settled in soon.

  5. Oh do I know about stairs, we have way too many, it makes it difficult for aging parents to visit and it’s way too fun for little toddlers!! I am so happy for you, it’s alot of hard work but so worth it. Every house we have ever lived in has required lots of work. We are possibly looking at moving in the future to a single level too.

  6. Good for you, don’t you love how things have a way for working out. I’ve definitely been there, done that and still working on it too. Can’t wait to see some After pics.

  7. It looks wonderful, I know it is lots of work but it will be well work it.

  8. Yay! Hopefully I’ll be doin all that in 5 or 6 months time…. lol Love the den, but PLEASE paint all that wooden panelling a nice light colour… 😉

  9. That’s awesome! It looks like it has some amazing potential…congrats and can’t wait to see what you do with that awesome sewing room.

  10. There is a whole in the bedroom … just if you did not see it! It looks great and you have sewing room! Enjoy decorating!

  11. Ranch style? Like Southfork????

  12. Well it doesn’t look like the base is bad, just needs some tarting up!

  13. You will soon have it just the way you want it!
    Well done for finding a good house! Happy moving!

  14. Excellent Rhonda, you will have it just how you want in no time. Take it easy it will be exciting.

  15. Have fun making that house a home. Thank goodness that you will still be Rhonda in the Gap! Di x

  16. ooh I love a transformation – remember to give us before and after pics!

  17. You’re busy busy – settle in and enjoy. Glad you get to keep true to your blog name.

  18. I dream of a new to me house but I think my next home will be where I don’t take my worldly possessions. Many blessings in your new home.
    Ps…you are not old but it’s nice to plan ahead.

  19. Love all those photos, and that you have a sewing room. And that it will be a house that suits the two of you better. As long as you have a room for Callee when she comes and visits.

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