Super Hero/Americana Quilts x4


Yes, You read that right……4 of them…

If you have been a follower for any amount of time or if you were a listener of the podcast (which I have placed on sabbatical) then you are aware of my husband and I’s intermingled family…..a yours, mine and ours sort of situation. Well, somewhere right in the middle of all that is a young lady we took into our home many years ago and love very much. We refer to her as our adopted daughter – aka Perk- even though there were no official papers drawn up (she was a bit old for that). She is now grown with four boys and when we count grands we count her boys in with all the rest and there is a slew of them – 16 at last count including the newest great grand – I told you, a slew! Here is Perk & her family….

Last May
Last May – look at Bug sticking his tongue out – Rotten boy!!!

Well Perk – yes, there is a story behind that nickname but not one we share with the world – has requested 4 identical but different quilts for her boys room. She wants them to be Spiderman colors but no Spiderman on them. I suggested red, white, and blue because that allowed her to change the boys rooms into Americana theme, Superman, or various other SuperHeros without changing the quilts. I mean I love those boys but figure the odds of me doing this again soon…

Her and I talked and decided on D9P (truth be told, I offered suggestions, she decided)…

THE Block
THE Block

Here are some stats:

5×7 layout = 35 blocks each which requires x 4 = 140 blocks @ 11 1/2″:

The makings of 4 quilts or 140 blocks
The makings of 4 quilts or 140 blocks

Each 11 1/2″ block contains a 9-patch cut 4-ways which contained 9-4 1/2″ squares for a total of 1296-4 1/2″ squares:

Pre-Sashing, Post-9Patch
Pre-Sashing, Post-9-Patch

Each of those needed sashing cut at 1 1/2″:

The Lowly Block with Sashing
The Lowly Block with Sashing


There is an old saying “These colors don’t run” … well, after a while your eyes will cross and they do start to intermingle…..hehehe

I can’t wait to get them done….but only because I want to see the boys with them…..yeah, right!!!!

Now you know what I am chipping away at, ever so slowly!!






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  1. It looks like a lot of work but also great fun. I am certain those boys will love them once you are done.

  2. I really hope these lads appreciate all the work! Looks a great project!

  3. They will be amazing quilts – what a lovely project to be working on 🙂

  4. So glad you are back to sewing. The boys are so lucky

  5. Those quilts are going to look fabulous, I don’t think you can ever really go wrong with that colour combination! Lucky boys! Xx

  6. Oh man, my head hurt just thinking about all those bits of fabric o.O Good luck!

  7. Hadley - Mrs Flying Blind says: Reply

    Good on ya!!!!

  8. Oh wow Miss R. Is it any easier making 4 matching quilts than 4 different quilts? Danger of repetition/boredom, but you can kind of go for mindless chain piecing. I guess there’s a place for both. I wish you much happiness in this process – it will be SO worth it when those little fellas get their quilts 🙂

  9. Good lord, the stats made my mind boggle!

  10. They’re going to be wonderful…eventually!

  11. You are a good mama – four of them at one time is a bit more than I want to think about! blessings, marlene

  12. Well in UK. “Perk” is a bonus, and that sounds a great nickname ! Gosh what a lot of boys, quilts, blocks and sashes! But what a lot of love too!!!!

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