Too Blessed To Rant!!

I hope you all have had a great week and it has allowed for a great deal of time in your sewing rooms. If not, maybe it is time to start scheduling that time in (but that is easier said than done believe me, I know!!).  Well, on to the show…

Current Project:

I am still working on the Alzheimer’s Initiative quilt. I have to admit I didn’t put the time into it I wanted this week. Life simply got in my way. BUT I am ready to bind it and then add the embellishments. I thought it would be easier to bind before the baubles are attached – just in case the baubles are close to the edge. Here is where I am today (although I think it looks odd right now)…Then again it might look odd when it is done. LOL


A close-up of a couple shapes
Overall Quilt 9″x12″
I am also working on the first grandchild’s quilt. I really don’t have time to dawdle since the baby is due the first week of March. I am making pretty good progress. I have 1/2 the blocks done – and I did the more difficult ones first. This is my first attempt at a Kaleidoscope quilt and I am quite pleased with my results. Here is a sampling of those blocks….


I will say this…if I ever do another Kaleidoscope quilt (and I think I will), I will not use a template like I did with this one. Instead, I will try using my ruler that is designed for this. I don’t recall it’s name but, regardless, I don’t know how to use it (LOL). With a little research I am sure I can figure it out.

So there are my two current projects. Of course, they are also considered UFOs….oh Lord, more about those a little later.

I have thought long and hard about what this week’s rant would be. I could choose from many, but they are simply not my style: the economy (and my inability to shop because of it), my sporadic work schedule (the call always comes just as I start a project – but then it is a job), or even Homecoming Queen (maybe more on that next week – UGH teenagers!!).

But no…instead I landed on the fact that I really don’t deserve to rant. Now let me preface this by saying I reserve the right to rant in the future. Today I simply feel too blessed to rant. I have the most wonderful husband and kids, a great house, a job, and my monthly bills are paid. That is so much more than many people can say. I really do have it good. So, this week’s rant is not that at all; instead, it is a shout out to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who takes such good care of me. I cannot imagine living my daily life without Him…Thank You, Lord!

Unique to this Week’s Blog:
I have been learning how to machine quilt. I have several tops that are in my UFO pile that are not necessarily intended for anyone so they are a good place to learn. Now, I didn’t start on them of course. Over at QCA, there are a group of us who are practicing on 8″-14″ squares. We are learning where our tension needs to be, how to control our speed and hands, and so on. It has been great fun. When I am a little more comfortable I will give it a whirl on one of the tops mentioned below. I simply cannot afford to keep shipping quilts out to the long-armer.

OH BOY!! Last week I promised a list of my UFOs so while cleaning my sewing room this week I made a list. You know what I discovered? I discovered…I have a problem! I really need to get busy and get some of these done. Now some of these are well on their way but none-the-less they are not complete quilts so they are UFOs.

  1. Pinwheel Star – Friendship Swap(cut)
  2. Christmas Lights (just need to finish outlining fused applique pieces and top is complete)
  3. Kaleidoscope (1/2 the blocks are complete)
  4. Bright Flowers (top done – needs quilted)
  5. Amazing Grace (top done – needs quilted)
  6. Ring Toss (rows need sewn together)
  7. Christmas Toile (need to remove a border and add a bigger one)
  8. Batik Nature BOM (about 3 months behind)
  9. Mug Cozies UGH (something I’m not sure why I started but need to complete – not sure of progress)
  10. Big Girl Panties Cross Stitch
  11. Best Friends Cross Stitch
  12. I Heart Quilting Mouse Pad Cross Stitch (I don’t even use a mouse)
  13. Misc. Crochet Blocks (not sure what to do with them) IDEAS???
  14. Faux Finish Hand Applique (cut) I HATE hand applique
  15. Duckie Flannel (need to finish tying)
  16. Turquoise Class Quilt (need to finish tying)
  17. DD Doll Quilt (sandwiched – ready to quilt)
  18. 3 stray blocks (want to quilt and frame)
  19. Butterfly Floral (top done)
  20. Alzheimers Quilt (very close)
  21. Sock Monkey (needs face & clothes)

So there you have it! Now my plan is to knock these puppies out! One by one! I have promised myself that I will only start a new project for every 2 I finish. I will continue to update the progress on each one so please…hold me to this.

Quote of the Week:

May all of your ups and downs in life be with a needle and thread.

My Alzheimers Adventure

Current Project:
This blog is dedicated to my first quilty inpiration. If you read my bio you will know this quilt is not at all my first quilt but it is my first design experience. You see… a couple of weeks ago I awoke from slumber with a vision of a quilt. My first thought was boy that’s pretty…someone should make that…too artsy for me.

Well…a few days later I was surfing the net and came across The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative. Since one of my loved ones is dealing with this disease I decided I had to do something for this cause. Upon discovering I could donate a quilt (and it could only be 9″x12″) I knew exactly which quilt it would be – the one I had “seen”.

All set for quilting (first step instead of last)

 I started with a beautiful hand dyed fabric. Layered it together and then machine quilted it (first attempt at that as well.

That is where I am today. My plan is to do some machine applique on top of that with a great deal of embellishments. Well, more on that next week.

Interruptions – How do you handle them? When my kids were little I expected interruptions. But these days everyone in my house is self-sufficient so you wouldn’t think this would be a problem but it is but not from within. It seems every time I sit down at my sewing machine some unavoidable situation comes up that requires my attention. It is generally about an hour or more before I am able to get back in that chair and at that point I have lost “it”. I’m not sure if “it” is desire or inspiration but “it” is usually gone. How do you handle this? Please comment and tell me how I can avoid this. I need your help.

Unique to this Week’s Blog:
My 2011 Resolutions (for the first time in my life).

1. First and foremost I want to plan my projects better. I want to carefully plan my projects. When I first started quilting (about 10 years ago) I would start projects that simply tickled my fancy or that I thought I was capable of. Then I started teaching and my projects became all about that! Well all that led to UFOs because they had not special landing place. Which leads me to …

2. Finish all these UFOs…grrr. I have so many of these blasted things. They haunt me. It is starting to become a guilt issue. I have to finish them and some of them simply need….

3.  Learn how to quilt my own quilts. Now I simply cannot afford a long arm machine BUT rumor has it that you can rent the one at my local fabric store. And if that rumor is true…fabulous. If not, then surely I can teach myself on my machine. I hear of people doing it all the time….NO FEAR. I am a self-taught piecer. Why not a self-taught quilter! Period end of discussion!!!

Starting next week I will list all my UFOs so that hopefully I will be more accountable to first myself and then secondly to all my readers (yeah, that is funny since I don’t have any yet). I am doing some rearranging in my sewing room this week so I will have a better idea of what UFOs I have. Maybe I will share pictures of my new sewing room next week for my “unique to this week”. Hmmm something to think about.

Enjoy your week!


When trying to figure out what I was going to write about in my first blog, the only thing that came to mind was one my English teachers from school: who, what, when, where, why, and how. I figure if I cover those things I will give my readers (if I have any) an idea of what is to come on my weekly (or there abouts) blog.

Well you can read all about me in my profile so I won’t repeat the technical information. Instead I will tell you a little about my quilting background. I have been crafting, in some form or another, my entire life. Quilting is the only thing that I have done for more than five minutes. I get bored with most crafts very fast (and thus rarely finish them). OK OK yes I have many UFOs because of boredom issues with quilting too but I continue to quilt. But I digress…I have been quilting for about ten years and would categorize my self as intermediate but rarely back away from a technique if it is something I want to try. If a pattern is well written I think I can do it. However, I must be honest and tell you I call  myself a sloppy quilter. I don’t stress over points matching and the like. I make quilts because it is something I love to do and I have NO intention of submitting my quilts into any contests. I simply want to enjoy the process while doing my best. I hate to rip out seams so unless it is ab-so-lute-ly necessary I don’t.

Quilting – I want to talk about quilts, quilting, piecing, fabric and the like. I know there are many blogs about this topic and one might wonder why we need another one – more on that in the WHY section. Having said that I don’t have much to say on this topic until we get to my first “real” blog where I will talk about my current projects and such. At that time I will blog about my current project, my quilting problems, my “ah-ha” moments, and any other quilty things worth sharing (and probably some things not worth sharing).

My goal is to blog once a week. Now since I love my computer so much and love to share the wondeful things I find online you may hear from me more than that but my “rants” will be weekly for sure. Today is Thursday but I don’t think this will be my regularly scheduled day. I will have to work that out and see how it goes.

I am blogging from the comforts of my home in the beautiful town of Cumberland Gap, TN. When my husband retired, my daughter decided this is where she wanted to live. Since she was the only one still at home, we were glad to leave that decision up to her. I have a great deal of family history here and my mother is currently living here to take care of my grandmother. I LOVE it here. It is a tourist town with a population of 210. The Lord truly blessed us when He allowed this move to happen. If you want to learn more about my wonderful corner of the world go to

Recently I have been perusing the many quilting blogs out there. I found many that were very interesting and I follow some of them. However, most of them use their blog space to talk about the new fabric lines, tools, etc. I understand they need to do this since they are part of the industry and need to keep us all informed. These blogs have their place. Another thing I discovered is that they are all expert quilters. I am NOT! I would say I am your ordinary, every day, sloppy quilter. LOL That is why I decided to blog. I want to talk about my difficulties, the things I find in the few stores in my area, and the little bit of shopping I have the funds to do (I don’t have any companies/designers offering to send me the latest and greatest).

Here is the kicker! I don’t have any idea how anyone will find me. It is quite possible I will be posting and noone will be reading and that is ok because I like to talk (even when noone is listening). And there is the slim chance that someone will eventually find my little blog and enjoy it for a minute. So…

Welcome to my little corner of the world. I hope you enjoy it. Come back next week and see what I am working on. Please leave me a comment and share your blog if you have one. I love to read all sorts of things! Podcasts are another thing I enjoy so if you have one of those please tell me all about it.