Pre-Third Quarter Linky Party


Can you believe we are half way through 2012 already? I am amazed by this!!! In all reality we should be thinking about what we want to complete for Christmas presents this year. And I kinda am….well, at least I am thinking about it.

There are going to be some MAJOR moving about the house this quarter (I will explain further in a different post) so I am not sure what will get done but it never hurts to be ambitious. It actually serves y’all well since you can win prizes.

So, this quarter I want to:

1. Finish Black Monkey…funny this has been on my list every quarter. I have decided I want to give it to my ad for his birthday 7/30. I am so very close. It is in two pieces (it was done QAYG fashion) and then the binding and done!! See…
Black Monkey

2. Finish a certain swap for someone special (private swap). Pieces are cut just need to sew them together. A different part of the swap is already finished. (pictures forthcoming)
3. Finish a few pieces of clothing for Callee I have cut out. (pictures forthcoming)

I think that is fairly ambitious at this point considering all that will be on my plate soon. Oh and the fact that I plan on restarting my podcast in August!Isn’t that exciting! It sure is for me….but more on all this exciting news very soon…for now, y’all need to get busy posting your lists for the Third Quarter… Are you ready?

Oh and one more thing…give me a couple of days and I will announce the winners of the giveaways for the Second Quarter!

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  1. I need to collect my thoughts and get my list posted. The FAL works very well for me. And I would love to have your podcasts continue, I know you have been so busy that I did not want to nag but I miss them.

  2. Khm… I am a little embarrased to ask this, but am I allowed to link up even if I didn't finish anything that was on my list last quarter? :)) I really want to move forward and made really good progress, and startd new ones that could go on my next quarter's resolution. I feel like it's new year's already :))) I'm OVERexcited to hear you podcasting again, can't wait!! Is the major moving what I think it is? :)))

  3. I love the idea of making a list of what we having going. I have so many things (31 new 4 from last quarter) to work on and this gives me a great idea to make a list and use it to check my progress.

  4. I'll be back when I have a clue what is happening in my life. Then I might have a clue what just possibly could get done this quarter.

  5. I think I'm going to have to pass this quarter. Although I do have several WIP's, I honestly don't think I have a hope in hell's chance of finishing any of them in the next three months, so I will hang on for the last quarter. Good luck to everyone else taking part though!
    Ooh, and so looking forward to your return to podcasting!!
    R xxx

  6. New to the linky party. Is there a linky party? Am I just too darn tired to see it? I am working on a post tonight, and was hoping to link up this quarter. I need to get going on some WIPs.


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