Pre-Fourth Quarter Linky Party


First, let me apologize for being late in getting this linky party up and running. The day got away from me!

Can you believe we are in the final quarter of 2012? I surely can’t!!! Here are the things I plan on finishing this quarter. OK, maybe “plan on finishing” might be a bit presumptuous. Maybe it would be better to say: here are the things I would like to finish:

DUO QAL Table Runner (I know, I know)


Ring Toss (Christmas Present)


Black Monkey (also a Christmas Present)

Well there you have my list – 3 items and even that I think is a bit ambitious knowing that I have other Christmas presents I want to make but we will see.

Oh and don’t forget Wednesday is the beginning of the Quilting Photo a Day. You can find the list in the top right hand corner of my blog (or by clicking on that link).

One final thing, I will announce the winners of Third Quarter in a couple days (at least by Friday). Have a great day… away….


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  1. Crap. Did I break the linky thingie?

  2. Oh wow……………the 4th qtr already???? Where has this year gone??? OK this is a do it or die qtr. I hope I get something done…………anything!!!!

  3. All linked and ready to play xxx

  4. well poo I was out of town this past & missed linking to the 3rd quarter lol! ok soooo the 4th quarter we are to post all finish ups by Jan? or is it Dec?

  5. Late for your own party? Story of my life!

  6. Only 3?! I’ve got more than that, lol!

  7. Hahaha good luck with those quilts!! =D

  8. My list is a little long 😉 but really want to get at least 4 out of the 7 finished that I’ve been linking up for the last 2 quarters.

  9. Love your Black Monkey quilt! Looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing it all finished up.

  10. Finally I did my list. Don’t laugh too hard, there is some danger of falling out of your chair. Oh and wish me luck too.

  11. NOOOOOOO!!!! I’ve missed the closing day! Noooo 🙁 Snot fair… Oh Rhonda, why’d you not give me a nudge?!!! Fannybaws. 😛

  12. Finished my second item – when will the finale linky party be in December?

  13. Missed linking up… but didn’t get much quilted this quarter anyways… 2 items done!!! Thanks for hosting, even if I got lost mid year….

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