Quilting Photo a Day


Ok…I will admit it!!! October was sneaky. I planned on doing this from 10/1 to 10/31 but I have decided to change it up a bit! Instead I am going to do it from 10/10 to 11/11. FUN RIGHT???

Here’s how this works:

1. Check out the list daily
2. Get your camera –phone or another camera – and take a picture using the daily prompt as inspiration.
3. Upload your photo to where ever you like (see below) using #hashtag (#quiltphoto). If you are doing a blog post and sharing someone’s photo be sure to get permission!!!

Upload your photo to Twitter with the hashtag #quiltphoto


Upload your photo with the hashtag #quiltphoto

There are a few ways you could share on Facebook but the best way is to create an album on your personal page, upload the list and share the photos every day. It’s a fun way to share with your friends.

This is my favourite place to share. Take your photo, add a filter, write a little about in the caption and add the hashtag #quiltphoto. Best of all, when you publish your photo, you can also publish to all your social media at the same time – one click and DONE!!!

You can share your photos in my Flickr Group. Join it here.

Tumblr + Blogs
Upload and share on your Tumblr and Blogs as you please. I may/may not randomly put pics on my blog too. Time will tell (we all know posting is my strong point hehehe)

The List (Please use this list as literal or as inspirational as you please)

10/10. Just beginning

10/11. Super small

10/12. On the floor

10/13. Blue

10/14. With a pet

10/15. On a picnic

10/16. Circles

10/17. Not done

10/18. Red

10/19. Sunny

10/20. Why?

10/21. Orange

10/22. Extra Large

10/23. Triangles

10/24. For someone  else

10/25. For you

10/26. Brown

10/27. Solids

10/28. Squares

10/29. Most recent project

10/30. Prints

10/31. Next to your machine

11/1. Black & white

11/2. Kids

11/3. Rolled up

11/4. Your first

11/5. A drawing

11/6. Paper pieced

11/7. Hand stitched

11/8. Swapped

11/9. Favorite

11/10. Someone you love under one

11/11. The ending

Try searching #quiltphoto throughout the month. You just may be inspired in your quilt life. Here are my stats:

Flickr: gap.rhonda

Twitter: gaprhonda

Google+: Rhonda

Facebook: laws.rhonda

Instagram: gapquilter

Finally, you can find the button (I know it is a big one but I didn’t know how else to fit the whole list on a button) on the right hand side of my blog or below:

Quilting Photo a Day
<div align="center"><a href="http://www.quilterinthegap.com/" title="Quilting Photo a Day"><img src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-4w88phCDmpc/UGrtIugY2pI/AAAAAAAADfg/66y1Wd2KerE/w250-h524-p-k/%2523quiltphoto.jpg" alt="Quilting Photo a Day" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

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  1. I will try to join in – if I feel human by the time the date arrives.

  2. I will give it a go! but do I get to use the odd old photo? Just once or twice? Other wise you’ll end up with a good handful of my pyjamas, dishes not washed yet, dent on pillow… etc..

  3. ok, will you remind me to join in??? please!

  4. Is there a place where one can go and look at the pictures taken just for your list by the people doing it? I am happy to play along with you but I am also a bit overloaded by the internet too.

  5. This looks fun – I’ll do it on IG.

  6. I’m joining in. I love photo assignments 🙂

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