….has all the time gone? I have another birthday approaching (just a couple days off) and I just don’t know how I could possible be another year older! There are certainly days when I feel another year older but not always!!!


….has this year gone? Can you believe 2012 Finish-A-Long is coming to a close? You better start looking at your lists and ensuring you have projects to enter. I didn’t get to play along this year but I will next year! I am so excited!! Someone else will be hostess next year!! I will make the big announcement very soon. I have been ticking a few things off my list so that I can play along seriously next year! I finished 2 projects this past week:

Doll Quilt for Callee for Christmas

My daughter pieced this top one evening while bored. None of the seams met so I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I decided to do some heavy quilting and make a doll quilt for Callee. Because I figured it would get some serious wear & tear I even did the binding by machine. I used a variegated pink thread, a scrappy binding and just had fun. I immediately ran to Wal-Mart and bought a baby doll and doll-sized crib. I am sure hours of fun will be had…not to mention one more quilt off the UFO list!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Curtains made!!!!
There are even some hormonal owls on there!!! Just like me!!!!

I bought this fabric some time ago (while skyping with a certain enabler). I adore my curtains!! I didn’t have a pattern – was just kinda “flying by the seat of my pants”.

I also finished piecing a top! It isn’t quilted yet but I do have the piecing of the back on my list right now. I am not going to show any pictures just yet. I want to do some research and find out when I started it….then I will show you the top and explain.

…..did the original theme to this post go? Isn’t there another “w”? Oh yeah…the “h” How! I doubt it! I am over the Ws..and this post for that matter. Just wanted to say hey…

so, hey! Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving! My bestie was here and we did a great deal of this….

Notice…no fancy hair, make-up or clothes!! Just the porch, coffee and having a good time!!!

The weather was amazing while she was here! We ate too much and had a great time! So how was your turkey day?


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  1. and that’s what besties are for….what a hoot those curtains are you did a great fly by the seat of your pants job.

  2. Glad you and foo had fun! Well done on the finishes, especially the curtain!

  3. Ooh you still have a long list on the side there! I found the FAL very helpful for the first two quarters, then I lost the plot but am hoping to get two projects finished and who knows maybe some progress on the third!

    Well done on getting two done! Very important ones it seems!

  4. my FAL list haunts me….

  5. So glad the FAL is continuing next year, it has really spurred me on with so many wips

  6. I certainly need another year of the FAL, and it is nice to see you getting some things done. I am glad you were able to relax on the deck too.

  7. I haven’t managed to be organized enough to do the FAL at all this year – so I’m determined that 2013 will be my big FAL year :o)

  8. Oh I think I have finished mine – need to check!!!

  9. Hormonal owls! HaHaHa! Love the relaxed photo at the bottom. Wish you could have many more days like this and that I could be a part of them. And Callee is getting the perfect gift from you. You are the best grandma going.

  10. You have been so awesome, hosting the FAL all year. It really lit a fire under me to get so many projects done. I’ve been working on next year’s list, and I’m glad it will continue and you will get to participate! Hope you have a great birthday soon!

  11. Lovely owls! they look great! looks like you really enjoyed the time relaxing 🙂 well done!

  12. I didn’t join this segment of the finish along…but I still cannot believe the year is coming to a close!

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