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For quite some time I have been hinting around about big news for the 2013 Finish A Long. Well today is the day! Today I share that news! Today I tell you what it is! Today you learn what I know! Today you get to hear what I have been keeping from you….drumroll please…..

I sure hope you clicked on play! No? oh come on! Play it! Did ya, did ya? PLAY IT!!! Okay! The drum rolled? Perfect!

The 2013 FAL will be hosted by Leanne at She Can Quilt! Awesome, right? She is one spectacular quilter! Just look at some of her work:


Photos stolen from Leanne's blog
Photos stolen from Leanne’s blog

Great, no?!!!

It has always been my goal to move the FAL to another blog at the end of the year. It is important to touch as many quilters, knitters, and general crafters as possible. The best way to do that is to (a) get y’all to talk about it on your blogs and (b) move the FAL about and therefore touch other people’s followers. This project is not about me, its about getting projects done! So, as you can imagine in 2014 the Finish A Long will Move A Long…hehehe!

Here is what the FAL needs from you!! First and most important: CONTINUE TO PARTICIPATE!!!!! This is key!!! This will keep the sponsors, sponsoring – well that and you supporting them!!!

Other ways you can help: support the sponsors (a new list will be posted soon), volunteer to write a tutorial, support the sponsors, be a sponsor, support the sponsors, write about the FAL on your blog, support the sponsors, and did I mention how important it is to support our sponsors? Oh and if you have a podcast or other form of “talk about” mention our FAL and sponsors!!!

Leanne and I (of course I am still helping out) need all your help!!! I think it is only fair I mention that this year I get to actually participate….you think that will mean I will actually get something on my list finished??? Nope, not one item on my list in 2012 got finished! hehehe Several, if not all, are oh-so-close but none of them get the cigar so to speak!!! Can you imagine? But I digress!!!

OK to recap……Leanne at She Can Quilt is the 2013 hostess of the Finish A Long and we need your help!!! Of course there will be more information to follow after we finish up 2012 right here!!!!!






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  1. Thank you for hosting it in 2012 and I will definitely continue to finish-a-long in 2013 🙂

  2. Where might I find an explanation of just what it means to be a part of a “Finish A Long”? I’ve seen mention of it here and there but never wrapped my head around just what it actually IS!

  3. Well done missus, you’ve hosted a fabulous year, and well done in getting someone as awesome as Leanne to take over!

  4. ALthough I was not an active participator all of 2012 I do appreciate your being in charge of this. Leanne will be great and I already follow her so I am sure she will keep my butt in gear and help me Finish Along as the new year progresses! Thanks Rhonda!

  5. I love Leanne! And I am so excited about the fact that the Finish-A-Long will keep going, it’s such a great idea behind touching more followers on other’s blogs! I can’t wait to start my list for the first quarter!

  6. I’ve been sat here waiting for the announcement. Leanne will be perfect for it. I shall get some things done again, but not all. Better than nothing. You have been a brilliant hostess, plus you are the genius who dreamed up the whole thing. Thank you!!

  7. Thanks for the FAL, I’ve really enjoyed cheering others on and seeing all the finishes – including my own. I’m glad Leanne will be carrying on in the New Year.

  8. It seems I get a vote of confidence from everyone so far, that is great. Thank you again for the chance to host this and also for all the hard work in running it this year.

  9. oh my gosh! I am so surprised and pleased! I have loved FAL & it has motivated me SO much! Thanks so much, Rhonda, for all you’ve done to keep it going and fun. I am totally in it for another year & will support it as I can. Good luck to Leanne as she takes the helm – she’ll be equally awesome!

  10. I didn’t manage to participate this year, but I’ve followed sneakily. I hope to join this year. Great to know Leanne we’ll be continuing your work and that you will still be around.

  11. I got loads finished and I’m hoping to finish all the old stuff at the end of 2013! So you bet I am back in. Thank you so much for keeping me going Rhonda you have been brill as Leanne will be in 2013 XoX!

  12. Alas, I’ve just been cleaning and found a whole year’s worth of things that need finishes already o.O Oh well, Leanne can laugh at my lists now 😉

  13. I’m joining in, in 2013! You’ve done a great job Rhonda, and think- now you get to finish stuff too!

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