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I am so excited to have Di with us today! She is a tutorial virgin and I have to say she did a great job!!! I encourage you to take a few minutes and check out her blog. I love reading about her “country living” which is very country for this city girl! Well I will back out now….

Thanks , Rhonda, for asking me to take part in your final FAL tutorials. My name is Di and I blog over at Quiltova.  I’m English, but I have lived in the Czech republic for the last 7 years.   I started blogging just under 2 years ago, and my husband came up with the name Quiltova.  All women’s names here end in -ova, hence Quilt-ova! As well as my quilting, I ramble on about life in the Czech republic, my garden, our pets…. well anything really

I’m slightly nervous as this is my first ever tutorial and so many famous names that have gone before me (and will follow)    I’ve worked on the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid – that’s me not you!) and hopefully everything will be OK.

I bought a sweet little coin purse for a present a while back, and thought I’d make my own version of it.      The Czech word for purse is penizenka, which I think is one of those words that is just right for the thing it describes.   It’s a simple project and would make a nice present for a little girl.  As I live near the Austrian border, I often have Euros in my purse as well as Czech Korun, which gets a bit confusing, so now the Euros have their own little purse!




You will be needing the following materials


For the main body of the purse (Template A)

Outer fabric: 1 scrap  7 ” x 5″

Lining fabric: 1 scrap 7″ x 5″

Batting: 1 piece 7″  x 5″

For the pleated pocket (Template B)

Outer fabric” 1 scrap 3″ x 6.5″

Lining Fabric: 1 scrap 3″ x 6.5″

Binding Fabric: 1 scrap 1.25″ x 6.5″

For the flat pocket (Template C)

Outer fabric: 1 scrap 3″ x 4.5″

Lining fabric: 3″ x 4.5″

Lining fabric: 1 scrap 1.25″ x 4.5″

Biais binding

You will need about 28″ of bias binding.  The amount of  fabric you will need depends whether you make double or single thickness binding and on the number of joins you are happy to have.   I made double binding with just one join and got it out of a fat quarter.  There is a formula available on the internet which I tried, and it calculates that this can be cut from a 9″ block.  You probably could but you would have to have numerous joins!

Button and a small length of cord.


First you need to print off the templates here,  and cut your pieces.


Begin by assembling the flat pocket  (Piece B ).

Put the lining and outer fabrics together, wrong sides facing, and place it down with the lining fabric facing up.  Take the 4.5 ” long binding strip lay it wrong side down onto the the pocket, aligning it along the straight edge.  Sew in place , fold over and press



Then press a 1/4″ in on the other edge of the binding



and fold the binding over onto the front of the pocket.


Top stitch the binding into place, close to the edge.  Trim off the little “ears” either side



Repeat the process with the pleated pocket.  (Although I’m calling this a pleated pocket, there are no pleats in it at this stage – they will come later!)  The straight edge is ever so slightly not straight, but it won’t affect sewing the binding on.



Now you can assemble the main body of the purse.   Place the lining fabric the right side down, then the batting, then the outer fabric right side up.  You can then quilt this as you wish – I did a little hand stitching following the star-burst in the fabric


Next you should  layer up the body of the purse with the pockets, prior to fixing the binding.  The flat pocket is easy. Place the body of the purse down, with the lining fabric facing upwards. align the small pocket onto the body, lining facing lining, onto the curve of the purse.  Pin in place.


Now you get onto folding the as yet unfolded pocket.  With the outer fabric facing you, fold and press inwards along the one of the vertical folds.


and then repeat for the other side.


Place the pocket onto the body of the purse, lining up the bottom of the curve, making sure it is straight and central.


Now fold the “wings” out to line up with the edge of the outer, making sure the two folds meet in a point at the bottom.  Pin in place


If the wings don’t quite line up with the side, don’t worry.  It’s so difficult to press those folds accurately and any slight difference makes the wings come up at a different angle.  All you need to worry about is that it covers edges of the main body, and that you are still able to fold the body curve to curve, without catching the pocket.  If, when you’ve found the best position, the wings extend out over the edge of the body, just snip them off.

There you go, the purse is now ready for the binding.



Before attaching the binding, don’t forget to add the loop for closing the purse!  You can’t add it later!  Ask me how I know this! Place the purse  right side up and position the loop so that it is facing inwards, towards the purse.   Sew over the ends with a small zig-sag stitch, several times to make sure it is secure


Now you need to make the bias binding.  You will need to make approximately 28″ .  I used double binding because the purse is going to get some wear down in the depths of my handbag.   I won’t go into making the binding as there are loads of good tutorials out there in blogland – here’s one

I am assuming you know how to attach binding, but  if like me, you find it difficult to join the binding on such a small item as this, you should take a look at this tutorial that I found.  It is for single binding, but it works just as well for double binding.  It’s a quick, easy way of joining where you don’t have the space to leave a big gap between the ends of the binding.  I’ve already used this method a couple of time, and it works find for me, although I do over stitch, rather than a running stitch.





Finally, sew a button to the front of the purse and, bob’s your uncle, all finished.



I’m sorry that the quality of the photos is not very good.  It was a particularly dull day, and I’m not a very good photographer anyway!   Have fun making this little purse and good luck in the Q4 FAL giveaways!


Remember…..the 2013 FAL is moving to Leanne’s Blog …..She Can Quilt. You can link up over there starting January 7th.


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  1. Oh well done Di! You are no longer a virgin. Tutorials will be flying out of you now. 😉

  2. Cute wee purse, well done Di!

  3. This is such a cute little project and a lovely tutorial Di!

  4. Great Tute Di; I might have to make one for my husband to keep his peniz in!!

  5. I am happy to count Di as a real life friend. We actually met this past summer when she her her hubs came to Vienna to visit us while we were on vacation. She is lovely and talented.

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