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Anyone know what causes this pic to flip after posting?

Ok, imagine for a minute…..scary movie….those people who hide children in the basement… your visual? That is how my daughter sees today’s guest…….the lovely and incredibly funny, Sarah of Narcoleptic in a Cupboard. She may want to kill me for telling you that but I find it ever so funny because it couldn’t be further from the truth! The funny thing about it is why my daughter thinks that…..accents freak her out! Yes, she is blonde (well, blonde-brained) but then again, so is her mother!!! But this is about Sarah!!!

I adore Sarah! I adore her as a person and as a quilter. She is uber talented (although she never gives herself credit). She has a great mum who is also uber talented and together they get a great deal accomplished!!! I love Sarah’s tutorial because we all have those moment’s when we need a small gift with a big punch. Today’s tutorial is just that! Take it away Sarah, my dear friend, fabric enabler, and late night keeper upper……………

Amazingly enough, Rhonda is actually trusting me to put something on her blog!  I’m having a wee turn at a tutorial, and I wanted to keep it small and keep it simple.  So, I thought I’d show how I made the pyramid key fob I did for the Mouthy Stitches Tote Swap.

Dead simple, honest.  You’ll need 4 equilateral triangles in fabric, and four in fusible fleece.  You could use interfacing if you prefer, or you could just draw on the smaller triangle (it’ll make sense when you see it in a minute).  The key is to sew starting in from the edge of the fabric and stop before you get to the edge.   You’ll need some ribbon for a loop, and some stuffing to stuff ’em!  If you dont have the equilateral triangle ruler (I got one on sale and I’ve used it a few times, it really makes you WANT to do triangles!) you could use the free graph paper in Equilateral Triangle to make a perfect template.

So here we go

pyramid tute1pyramid tute2

pyramid tute3pyramid tute4

pyramid tute5

You can use these as key fobs, or pin cushions, or pin sharpeners, or smelly wardrobe / clothes drawer thingies… just depends on what you stuff them with.  OOH you could fill one with Catnip and give it to a daft cat…

Just remember, dont sew to the edges of the fabric!  (And linen frays really bady on the turning hole so maybe put some glue on the very edge of that fabric so it doesnt unravel completely…like mine almost did…).  And listen to some Kylie at Abbey Road whilst you’re making them cos its bloomin lovely…

Good luck to everyone in the 4th and final quarter of 2012, and good luck to Rhonda who will finally be able to enter to WIN prizes this year!

I had to sneak back in because I don’t know who Kylie is (yes, Sarah I will give it a search) but I just bought the Nashville Cast CD today and WOW is it gReAt!!! Real bluesy country…..yes, I’m a hick!!! I couldn’t let Sarah make all the musical suggestions!!!

Oh and remember………the 2013 FAL is moving to Leanne’s Blog …..She Can Quilt. You can link up over there starting January 7th.


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  1. Love Sarah! Love her tutorial too – all those perfectly explained little pictures. But having met her in person you tell your daughter there is no way Sarah would ever hide children in her basement – she would be too busy feeding them chocolate and letting them play with fabric.

  2. Oh yes, your guest du jour is all kinds of fab, I mean who else flings their arms out for a hug when 2 screaming strangers run up with their arms out for a hug? *cough, me and the poster above cough* Sometimes she gets out to play too and she gets hidden away in my sewing/living room instead…

    Anyway, fun wee pyramiddy thing!

  3. What do you mean you don’t know who Kylie is?! I’ve been a fan of her for 24 years. Yes, since I was 3. Totally doing the FAL again this year.

  4. I love Sarah (agree that she’s fab and hugely talented!) and her tutorial – such a good way to present it! I think you need to get some gold hot pants like Kylie or maybe run up one of those white hooded cat suits so that when you listen to her album(s) you’re really in the mood…

  5. It would be pretty cool if Sarah was a vampire too, but alas she just sleeps a lot. I really like these triangle things, and of course, it is clever how you include Y seams without anyone realizing it at all.

  6. Melissa Ryther says: Reply

    Rhonda, I love your blog! And in the spirit of sharing my town with yours, I need to send you something….can you give me a mailing address? Then watch for your surprise from Southern Utah!

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