Charm-ing Apron (in 30 minutes or less) Tutorial


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Charm-ing Apron

In  30 minutes or less

Today is my day for the Charm Madness Blog Hop. I hope you enjoyed the amazing tutorials written by Jess at Sew Crafty Jess yesterday and by Jennie at Clover & Violet on Tuesday. Two very talented ladies. I am still amazed I (me? really?) am among such talent! It seems so unfair to those around me but I am enjoying it!

Let me start by saying I really wanted to keep this apron as simple as possible. Additionally, I wanted to use as little additional fabric as possible. I believe I did just that – created a simple, low cost apron using one charm pack and very little else! So, let get started on this 30-minute apron!

Charm-ing Apron
Charm-ing Apron

Let’s get right to it!


  • One (1) Charm Pack **NOTE: In order for this tutorial to work, you need to use a charm pack that come with pinked edges!
  • 1/2 yard coordinating fabric (actually only need 10″ if you are attempting to use something you have in your stash)
  • Matching or contrasting thread for top stitching
  • Misc. sewing supplies (sewing machine, iron, seam ripper, etc)

Making the Apron Piece: 

Start by laying out your charm pack in a pleasing manner 5 squares across by 4 squares down with a 5th row of 7 squares.

NOTE: The picture doesn’t show the correct number of squares on the bottom row but please lay out 7.


Stitch the rows together. When pressing, be sure to alternate direction so you can nestle seams when stitching rows together.

See how one row is pressed to the right and the other to the left - causing the seams to nestle (or spoon) with each other.
See how one row is pressed to the right and the other to the left – causing the seams to nestle (or spoon with) each other.

Stitch the top 4 rows together.

Gather the 5th row. The technique I use for gathering is to do a wide, long zig-zag stitch over a thick piece of thread (button thread) the length of the row – See the picture below. Pull the gather until it is the same width as the 5×4 piece.

The idea is that you can remove the “stitched over” thread when you are done gathering but I always forget (or sew over it when applying gathered piece to garment). Oh well, its just thread.

Stitch the gathered row to the previous joined rows.

Press the seam toward the top of the top (or unruffled rows). Top stitch on the unruffled side so as to Set this aside for a moment. ALMOST DONE!!

Top Stitched

Making the Tie Piece:

Cut two strips from a coordinating piece approximately 5” by WOF*.

Stitch these two pieces together on one short end – making one long piece. Press seam open.

Press this in half on the length. Open up and press the sides into the fold and press folds together – enclosing the cut edges.


Combine the Apron Piece and the Tie Piece:

Find the length-wise center of the tie piece and the center over of the apron piece. With the two centers together, place the apron piece inside the tie piece, enclosing the apron piece. Pin along the apron piece.

Fold the ends of the tie piece to create diagonals. Pin from diagonals to the apron pieces – both ends.


Top stitch from one end to the other on the tie pieces, enclosing the apron piece.

More top stitching
More top stitching


Sometimes it helps to see a flat picture for construction purposes!

NOTES: Now, as you can tell, we didn’t hem the sides or the bottom. This is why I stated you need a charm pack that had pinked edges. The pinked edges keep it from fraying, the lack of hemming keeps it simple & quick.

I like to tie my aprons in the front so I can hang my dish towel over the tie.

I like to tie my aprons in the front so I can hang my dish towel over the tie.
BUT if you prefer it tied in a neat bow in the back you can certainly do that too!
BUT if you prefer it tied in a neat bow in the back you can certainly do that too!

Well, there you have it, a completed 30-minute *or less* apron. Super simple…but sometimes we need a gift that is just that…simple to throw together but still a delight to give! And considering the price of charm packs, you could make this for under $15.00. GREAT GIFT!!

Because I have been on a bit of an “apron-kick” lately, I have decided to give this one away. Like the making of this apron I have decided to keep the giveaway simple. All you have to do enter is leave a comment on this blog. You have until midnight Saturday – so as not to interfere with Chrissy’s giveaway which starts Sunday. Any comment will do – from how cute my converse are to which tutorial you plan on trying – anything at all!

And don’t forget to to “hop” over tomorrow to see what Janelle at Echinops &Aster is writing about…. oh, and about the giveaway post at Sew Lux Blog on Sunday.

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  1. So cute – I love it! And I need a new apron so thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  2. If I win redraw Rhonda as I already have been a very lucky apron recipient from you. This one is very pretty and thank you for that how to gather tip. Never heard that one before and I love it.

  3. Kathy MacKie says: Reply

    Very pretty, I’d hate to get it soiled, thanks for the fun giveaway.

  4. Loving your look! Great gathering tip too, thank you. Now you can pop over and do my dishes!

  5. What a great idea!
    I shall definitely be trying it!

  6. What an adorable apron! Very quick to make and would make a great gift without spending a fortune! I am so glad aprons are back in fashion because they really do save your clothes! They also make you look adorable!

  7. Joyce Mitchell says: Reply

    Love it. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  8. This would be the perfect gift idea… and I already know who the first recipient will be too! A young lady is moving into her first apartment to attend University and she would probably love an apron! Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial!!

  9. SO Cute!! This would make a perfect housewarming present!

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  12. Lauren aka Giddy99 says: Reply

    such a cute idea for an apron (and I LOVE “no-hem”!). 🙂

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  14. It’s very cute, and I’m always looking for gift ideas that don’t take a lot of time to make. Thanks!

  15. What a fun apron! Thanks for the gathering tip too–I always seem to break my thread when I try.

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  17. Alyce Rodriguez says: Reply

    Thanks for the giveaway! The apron is so simple & lovely!

  18. How cute. My granddaughter likes to sew with me, I think this will be a great project for us to do. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Sweet tutorial! I never thought of using the pinked edges as a functional edge. Thanks for the chance to win. What a fun blog hop!

  20. what a good way to use up charm squares

  21. This is so cute and simple too. Thanks for sharing.

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  27. dawnhollingsworth says: Reply

    I’m really hoping I’m ambitious enough to try ALL the tutorials 🙂 And, your converse are pretty darn cute 😀 Thanks for a great tutorial and giveaway!

  28. As I was reading your tutorial, all I could think about was that neat little apron and the cute sneakers! Many years ago, when I was a teenaager, we Canadians would flock to “the states” to get a pair of converse sneakers. Who knew they would look so cute with an apron! Great tutorial and thanks for the chance!

  29. I love your design! I’m the same way about the ties tho.. gotta wrap around the front so you can tuck a cloth or a potholder, or whatever in there .. thanks for the tutorial!

  30. What a quick and easy tutorial! And you look Darling in those Converse sneaks! 😉

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    Thank you for a neat giveaway and a chance to win.


  35. Really cute apron! very quick and simple! Cheeky finish with no edge neatening at the sides!

  36. I admit – I confess – yes I am: Addicted to Aprons. I love to make them, I love to wear them, I love to give them away. I love to make all styles using all different types of fabrics. I literally just bought DD an apron pattern.
    Your apron is a “charmer”. Okay, that does it – apron making time today. LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  37. says: Reply

    I really like this apron. I bought a charm pack to make “something” with for my sister because the colors just screamed her… but I haven’t decided what to make, I think this is it:) Thanks.

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  39. Adorable Apron!!! What a coool Tutorial too….thank you for sharing!!! I have a friend with a Birthday coming, & she looooves Aprons…must make one for her!!! Yay! 🙂

    I do think your Converse are very cute….love the laces!!! (Match the Apron too!!)

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    Hope that’s okay – thanks so much for sharing!

  45. I love your apron and especially that you didn’t use too much yardage along with it. I’m always looking for easy gift ideas, and this is perfect! Thanks!

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