Episode 24 – Emotions are High


Funny thing about this episode…I start out talking about how I haven’t had time to think about Kaylah growing up and quickly end up….well, you will see.

Here are a few links I promised:

Kaylah’s Quilt

Sew Sweetness (a great place for bag patterns)…I am testing one this month!!

Big Bang Theory (only one of the best shows on TV today)

Sugar Block Club Blocks


Clover & Violet – A Season by Hand – The Schedule is Here

I think that just about covers all the links. At some point in the podcast I talk about the whiteboard in my sewing room with my To Do list on it. I decided to snap a picture of it for you. Here’s what is on the WhiteBoard:

June white board
June’s WhiteBoard

BTW, don’t judge a girl because fraction conversion is not her strong point! That piece of paper has saved my brain multiple times!

Now, on to some business…..I need bloggers to interview for the podcast!!! Is that you? Do you want to expand exposure to your blog and/or product? If so, send me an email and let’s talk!

small print: I reserve the right to refuse bloggers for interview if their product/blog does not fit with the theme of my podcast

Also, if you would help me spread the word I would greatly appreciate it! Maybe you can blog about it or share this on one of our great social media outlets:

interview request button

If you have any questions please ask!!!

Well, enjoy the podcast!!!



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  1. I shall listen to you on my day off next Wednesday – it’s a date xxx

  2. Rhonda, I enjoyed listening and I thought your notions on loss (empty nest) and processing were spot on.

  3. Robyn Lawrence says: Reply

    I’m so happy you are back, I really missed you! I hate the empty nest, I can so relate to what you are going through with your baby leaving soon! I’m sorry…

  4. I shall have to listen to you next weekend, as you can tell I’m only up to Q in my catch up 1 week after I’m home from holiday o.O Now I might offer myself for interview, but not for exposing myself, the world would never forgive you 😉

  5. oh wow, I missed this one getting posted, and on my 40th birthday too! (I was in hospital very much feeling the effects of a pancreas and kidney transplant!) … I look forward to listening to this podcast this evening though 🙂

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